Body Shop Note

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Body Shop Note
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Body Shop Note is a paper note in Fallout 76.


  • Morgantown: The note is on top of a yellow barrel inside the garage, to the right of the white house next to the Red Rocket station.



Ugh, why is this so HARD? I thought using the traps would make it so much easier to deal with a large group of idiots all at once. I wrecked the damn vehicle though, so I can't keep doing this the same way. Anyway, it takes so much time and effort to deal with the aftermath.
Yesterday I found some people looting my kills. Can you imagine the audacity? I told them that I had just barely survived the maniac that did this and that he's been killing people in Sutton since everything went sideways. I convinced them that I am a religious person, can you believe that. ME? I know, it's a total gas. Well, I was wearing some black clothes and I had a bunch of wine, so it works. They're going to come pray with me at my church, haha.
Okay this is going a LOT better than I expected. This place sucks, I'm going to put all my effort into messing with these idiots. I convinced them that they need to give up their worldly stuff because they're like, actually immortal amnesiacs? I was a little altered and thinking about Captain Cosmos deep lore but they believed it. I can't BELIEVE how stupid people are!

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