Bobblehead collector's stand

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A fully-loaded Collector's Stand with all twenty Vault Boy Bobblehead dolls

The Bobblehead Collector's Stand is a trophy stand found in the player's home in either Megaton or Tenpenny Tower. The stand holds only Vault Boy Bobblehead dolls.

Obtaining a Stand

The collector's stand cannot be purchased from any vendor; it is a piece of furniture that comes with the player's home in either Megaton or Tenpenny Tower.

Using the Stand

As bobbleheads are collected out in the wasteland, the player can return to their residence and interact with the collector's stand. Doing so removes all bobbleheads from the player's inventory and places them in their set positions on the stand. Bonuses conferred by the bobbleheads are not lost; the bonuses are permanently added to the character upon pickup.

Players can also interact with the individual bobbleheads on the stand to re-read the motto inscribed on each. The bobbleheads cannot be removed from the stand once they are added to the collection.

The stand is considered furniture and therefore cannot be moved.


  • The bobbleheads are displayed on the stand in the same order as the Attributes and Skills are listed in the Pip-Boy 3000.
  • The back row of bobbleheads (the row with the SPECIAL bobbleheads) has the word SPECIAL written on it, with each letter under each corresponding bobblehead. You can only see this if you stand higher than the stand and have not collected the SPECIAL bobbleheads.