Bo-Peep's Note on Calvin

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Bo-Peep's Note on Calvin
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Bo-Peep's Note on Calvin is a paper note in Fallout 76.


  • Bastion Park: Opposite the black scorch mark, on the ground.



"Bo-Peep" - Mission Notes - 10/77:

Calvin's (sorry, "Blacksheep's") last effort didn't pan out, either, so it's this or nothing. I'm starting to wonder why I plugged so hard for this guy. If this meet doesn't yield results, I'm done and he's done. And I mean "done" in a very unpleasant sense.

Wolf's at the end of his rope. The psych eval he showed me was disturbing. If I'd seen it before, would I have still pushed for this project? Still have pushed to be his handler? How did Calvin even get clearance to work at a place like Bysshe?

No, this is no time to second-guess yourself. Social engineering is one thing, but this is another. It's all science. Calvin can do science, I know he can.

I'll make this meeting, he'll show off the product, and everything will be just fine.

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