Bloody Mess (perk)/Fallout 4

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Bloody Mess (perk)
Bloody Mess FO4.png
Fallout 4
RequirementsLuck 3
Level 1, 9, 31, and 47
EffectsMultiplicative bonuses to damage; more violent deaths
base id0004a0bb (level 1)

001d2453 (level 2)

001d2454 (level 3)

001f418e (level 4)
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For the trait, see Bloody Mess (trait).

With the Bloody Mess perk, characters and creatures you kill will often explode into a red, gut-ridden, eyeball-strewn paste. Fun! Oh, and you'll do 5% more damage with all weapons.

— In-game description, Fallout 3

Bloody Mess is a perk in Fallout 4.


With the Bloody Mess perk, you'll do more damage in combat, and enemies will often explode into a gory paste when they die.

Fallout 4 loading screen hints

The first rank of this perk grants a bonus 5% to all damage, and increases the chance of violent bodily dismemberment. The second rank boosts the damage bonus to 10% and the third rank raises it to 15%. The fourth and final rank makes it so that whenever an enemy explodes from Bloody Mess, there is a chance that nearby enemies will suffer the same fate.