Blood sausage

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Blood sausage
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+5 Hit Points per second for 20s
+10 max Hit Points for 4 minutes
Component ofBlack blood sausage
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Blood sausage is a consumable item in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Old World Blues.


Blood sausage acts as a health restoration and boosting item, by restoring +100 Hit Points over time and also temporarily increases maximum health by +25 when consumed.

It can also be used as an ingredient for the more potent black blood sausage.



  • With the perk Them's Good Eatin', there is a 50% chance that one or more will be in the inventory of any living creature killed by the player.


Behind the scenes

  • Like thin red paste, blood sausage is a term used in one of the graphic combat results featured in the combat prose of the Fallout series' spiritual predecessor, Wasteland. As in, "Your enemy explodes like a blood sausage".
  • Blood sausage, or black pudding as it sometimes called, is a real-life type of sausage made by cooking blood or dried blood with a filler until it is thick enough to congeal when cooled.