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Fallout Online art director Serg Souleiman has posted one of the pieces of concept art used in the Fallout Online teaser in the official forum.

Hello everyone, Were going to post the images we used for the starting with this one, why this one you ask? Its was the closest one to my mouse cursor.

He has also started a thread where people can ask him and Jeff Clendenning, lead concept artist, various questions:

There has been a lot of comments and questions all over the concept art section. So we decided to create this topic where you can ask questions and share some ideas about the art you seen or going to see in the future..

Feel free to ask anything that is art related here, and we will answer what we can ;) If you already asked a question in the Concept Art section and didn't get an answer feel free to post it here..

To get the ball rolling I'll introduce myself as Serg, Art Director at Interplay. I will do my best to keep up with all the questions here.

Here's an answer to one:

how long does it take to make one of these concept art pictures and where do you mostly get your ideas from (just your imagination or do you get some inspiration from movies/books/other games?)

Good question, the short answer is From everything you have listed and just the simple things that people pass on the street, may it be a patten of rust on a car or the way an old building is crumbling down. And of course our previous fallout 1 and 2.

Its takes anywhere from 1 day to 3 days per concept depending on the complexity of it and detail level.

There are also some new posts by lead systems designer Chris Taylor.

When asked about whether children will be killable in the game like in Fallout and Fallout 2 he replied:

Children will not be targets.

He also clarified some more things about the beta signup:

There is no confirmation email. If you get the Thank You, you're in the database.

The first mail to the list will be Coming Soon. We'll announce that here. If you don't get it, check your spam folder settings. If that's not there, your registration isn't in the database or your email is wrong. ^_^


Just signing up does not guarantee a beta slot. There will be follow-up questions and forms to help determine if/when people are added to the beta. The checkbox is to see if you are interested in the beta program. Not everyone has checked it, but the vast majority have.

To be very honest, we've gotten way more people signing up much faster than we anticipated. That's causing us to rethink a few things regarding the beta.

And this is an answer to whether the game will be released through Steam:

No decision has been made. Seems likely to me, personally. But that isn't the same as the company officially carving it into a 10' piece of marble.

Also,, the first Fallout Online fansite, has interviewed Interplay's Eric Caen. No actual new information there, though.

Given the current state of the MMORPG market, what challenges do you feel you may face in future?

Our goal is to create great games with cool stories, players interaction, deep story plots, and of course great technical achievement... Big challenges but we are inspired every day by the level of expectation our fans are bringing to us. It is at same time a stress but mostly an inspiration and a fuel!

We must create something different, using great way to make people playing &

communicate together if they want to...