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Ever since players have found an unused ending slide in the Old World Blues files, featuring Caesar's Legion soldiers with space helmets, they wondered what that was about, speculating that it was meant to be a Wild Wasteland ending. The add-on's creative lead, Chris Avellone, explained to us what it actually was.

Turns out, it was actually the cut "join the Think Tank" ending, which was not included in the final version because it was problematic to test. You can see the slide and read the full intended narration text for the ending on the wiki: Old World Blues endings.

Additionally, Chris explains the meanings of names that appear on the poster for the Love Sets Sail! movie found in Dead Money.

  • Andrew Levine - mash-up of Andrew Ryan (character in Bioshock) and Ken Levine (designer of Bioshock)
  • Shane Velloric - anagram of Chris Avellone
  • Vera Keyes - no reference beyond the metaphor of the last name and "truth" in the first name.
  • Mike Berlyn - taken from another source of inspiration for Dead Money - developer on Infocom's Suspended: A Cryogenic Nightmare
  • Vince Natali - taken from another source of inspiration for Dead Money - the movie Cube's director Vincenzo Natali.