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Blind Betrayal
Blind Betrayal.gif
Quest data
LocationThe Prydwen
Listening post Bravo
Given ByElder Maxson
RewardDanse's holotags
AchievementBlind Betrayal
PlayStation 3 trophyIcon ps3trophy.pngBronze
Editor IDBoS302
Base ID000b9f9d
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leads to:
Tactical Thinking

Blind Betrayal is both a quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.


As the Brotherhood of Steel finds itself on the verge of success in their Commonwealth invasion, a startling discovery is made of one of their own. A paladin that was considered one of their best, has a secret, and now a hard decision needs to made for their future.


  1. Elder Maxson will require the Sole Survivor's presence, in which he will reveal that Paladin Danse has been identified as a runaway synth. The elder will send the Sole Survivor on a mission to eliminate this newly identified threat, which opens up the Sole Survivor to a myriad of options.
  2. After speaking to Proctor Quinlan and then Scribe Haylen, it is revealed that Danse can be tracked through his power armor, which leads to the Sole Survivor to Listening post Bravo, where they are forced to deal with a moderate number of hostile turrets and protectrons.
  3. Taking an elevator down into the depths of the listening post, and dealing with any encountered security, the Sole Survivor will inevitably encounter Paladin Danse. At this point, the Sole Survivor may:
    1. Kill Danse immediately, in which his holotags will need to be returned to Elder Maxson.
    2. Fail to persuade Danse, in which he will give the Sole Survivor an order to give his holotags to Elder Maxson, and tell him that Danse is dead.
    3. Succeed to persuade Danse, in which he will come along peacefully, showing that his true colors do not fly with the Institute.
  4. Should Danse hand over his tags peacefully, the party will be interrupted as they exit the listening post, and either convince the interrupting party to let Danse live, or allow for them to kill Danse in the Sole Survivor's stead.
  5. Regardless of the Sole Survivor's actions at the listening post, they will need to return to Elder Maxson with Danse's tags, in which Danse is removed as a member of the BoS, and the Sole Survivor is promoted to the rank of paladin.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Speak to Elder Maxson I've been informed that Elder Maxson has an urgent mission for me and I should report to him on the Prydwen immediately.
Speak to Proctor Quinlan According to Elder Maxson, Paladin Danse is actually an Institute Synth in disguise and needs to be executed. Unfortunately, Danse has disappeared but Proctor Quinlan might have a way to track him down.
Follow Scribe Haylen
Speak to Scribe Haylen
Travel to Listening Post Bravo Scribe Haylen has told me that I'm likely to find Paladin Danse at Listening Post Bravo. She's also pleaded with me not to kill him without letting him tell his side of the story. I'll have to decide when I arrive at the bunker.
Locate Paladin Danse
Speak to Paladin Danse
Leave Listening Post Bravo I've decided to allow Paladin Danse to live, but he needs to flee the Commonwealth immediately. I should escort him outside the bunker to make sure he leaves safely.
Speak to Paladin Danse
Speak to Elder Maxson Elder Maxson has agreed to spare Paladin Danse, but he's no longer welcome with the Brotherhood. Danse has decided to set up camp at Listening Post Bravo. I should now return to the Prydwen for debriefing.
With Danse's situation resolved, Elder Maxson has promoted me to Paladin and awarded me a full suit of Power Armor which I can find on the Prydwen's Main Deck.



  • Naturally, should Danse be executed, he will not longer be a permanent companion.
  • Upon execution, Danse can be looted for a synth component, confirming Elder Maxson's accusation against the former paladin.
  • Once the Sole Survivor becomes a paladin, Proctor Teagan will begin selling better equipment, including a unique missile launcher and a unique set of power armor.
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