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Bitter Drink
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+2 HP per second for 18s
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Bitter drink is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Originating from Twin Mothers,[1] bitter drink is a useful healing drink primarily carried by legionaries and is regularly consumed by wounded soldiers on the Legion's long forced marches. Not suprisingly, the drink is known for its bitterness. It derives its name from curing the wounds but leaving the "bitter" pain from them. The drink is so bitter, it needs to be drank in one shot; the stomach rejects the concoction after a second drink.[2]


Bitter drink is roughly twice as strong as healing powder, and carries none of the usual side-effects that come from the use thereof - making it a highly effective means for replenishing your health outside of combat (assuming a high Survival skill, if allowed to heal its full amount over time, it can heal more than a stimpak).

Only a few healing items actually recover more health over time, and all of those that are crafted or are otherwise uncommon sights; brahmin steaks, Nuka-Cola Quartz, Nuka-Cola Victory, making the bitter drink somewhat unique. Bitter drinks also counts as a chem, rather than a drink (but there is no risk of addiction).

Effects of Medicine skill

10+2 Hit Point60+4 Hit Point
20+2 Hit Point70+4 Hit Point
30+3 Hit Point80+5 Hit Point
40+3 Hit Point90+5 Hit Point
50+4 Hit Point100+6 Hit Point


1 Bitter drink


The Bitter Drink Recipe is given by Ulysses to the player after completing the Lonesome Road add-on. Alternatively, it is found in the crate at the Canyon wreckage.


  • When using bitter drinks, it registers as taking a stimpak, counting towards the challenge and achievement/trophy Stim-ply Amazing.


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  2. The Courier: "Any recipes you can teach?"
    Ulysses: "Depends what history has to say about them. There's a lot the land can provide... if you know the road that led to it. Mojave's got ways of healing most ills - if not, some tribe's usually found a way you didn't expect. Like Healing Powders. Tribes back West only use Xander and Broc flower. There's a way the Twin Mothers in the East used to brew it, though. Called it Bitter Drink, mixed up the Xander and Broc in a bottle, added some kick to it so your head doesn't get all clouded."
    The Courier: "What's the history of it?"
    Ulysses: "History? Cures a wound, leaves the bitterness that caused it. The Twin Mothers were always about lessons. Caesar taught them the last one, though, so that's it for them. Recipe still exists, Legion uses it on forced marches with wounded soldiers. Wouldn't have made it through Crimson River Trail a few years back without it - losing so much blood early on, was a Cazador feast. Enough Xander root and Broc flower along the trail though, the Legion was able to keep pace and get where they were going."
    The Courier: "Can you share the recipe with me?"
    Ulysses: "Can do that and one better... just enough around to mix some. Here - might make the Twin Mothers' history live a little longer, you carrying it. When you drink it, down it all in one shot, or your stomach's not going to want to keep going after the second drink."
    (Ulysses' dialogue)