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Bitter Springs
Bitter Springs.jpg
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Bitter Springs loc.jpg
Map MarkerBitter Springs
FactionsNew California Republic
LeadersCaptain Gilles
DoctorsLt Markland
Cell NameBitterSprings
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Bitter Springs is a New California Republic refugee camp in the far north-eastern sector of the Mojave Wasteland.


Bitter Springs was originally a camp for Great Khan civilians that did not participate in raids; namely women, children, and the elderly. Inadequate military intelligence led to progressively worsening miscommunications with New California Republic Army forces, resulting in what came to be known as the Bitter Springs Massacre in 2278.[1][2][3]

After the massacre, the NCR seized this settlement from the Great Khan survivors. Having suffered heavy losses, the Great Khans were forced to migrate to Red Rock Canyon, with Great Khan iconography and graffiti still found about their original camp, illustrating their previous ownership. As of now, Bitter Springs is a refugee camp meant to give assistance to those who have been displaced by Caesar's Legion's advance westward.[4] However, the camp is currently in a precarious situation and is need of more supplies and personnel.[5]

The refugee camp has a couple regulations that keep chaos from erupting: a sunset curfew is in place; squatting in view of the camp is prohibited; all personal food, water and pets must be kept away from camp supplies to avoid mixing; and most importantly, all civilian firearms use is forbidden.[6] Lately, though, Bitter Springs has been terrorized by an unknown assailant, which the local NCR officers have determined as living in the nearby mountains. Over the past six months, eight refugees and three soldiers have been killed.[7]


The camp consists of NCR tents to the north, and refugee tents towards the south end of the camp. The doctor's tent is among the NCR tents facing the refugees and Captain Gilles can usually be found sitting by the campfire at the center. Should one approach the area from west by southwest, they will find twelve graves; six on each side of the path, each containing minor loot.


Notable loot

Related Quests


  • Should the Courier have Cass as a companion when visiting the refugee camp, she may complain that the camp stinks of piss and vomit.[8]
  • Some NCR troopers may mutter something about a ghost haunting the mountains.
  • The NCR flag will be upside down until the quest No, Not Much is completed. This is because the NCR uses it as a sign of distress,[5] like the United States Flag Code.
  • During No, Not Much, the option is present to irradiate a portion of the camp (1-3 rads per second), though unlike Cottonwood Cove this does not actually kill the soldiers stationed at the location.[9]
  • Bitter Springs can be a hazardous location to reach, as the route to it is frequented by deathclaws and cazadores.
  • Many of the refugees have crippled legs.


Bitter Springs appears in Fallout: New Vegas and the graphic novel All Roads.


  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png You can get infinite experience by doing Mr. Sandman kills on a sleeping child (since they do not die) in one of the tents.
  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Walking up the stairs at Bitter Springs may crash the game, requiring a hard reset. Recommend saving before going near this location.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Saving while in Bitter Springs and then loading your save may cause your system to freeze upon loading, thus forcing you to load a previous save file.
  • A gecko may spawn in the middle of Bitter Springs and kill some refugees. There is no way around it other than killing it quickly.



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    Rose of Sharon Cassidy: "Refugees."
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