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Shark Club Exterior.png
The Shark Club, headquarters of the Bishop family
LeadershipJohn Bishop (2241-2256)
Mr. Bishop[1] (2256 onwards)
Notable MembersLeslie Anne Bishop (mob leader's wife)
Angela Bishop (mob leader's daughter)
Thomas Moore (agent in Vault City)
Masticator (prize boxer)
HeadquartersShark Club, New Reno
Relations and associations
Related EntitiesMercenary Raiders

There really is nothing to say about the Bishop 'Family.' Oh, there is the extended family of hired thugs, mercenaries, whores, pushers, and slaves, but that is really all that the Bishop 'family' amounts to.

Leslie Anne Bishop

The Bishops or the Bishop crime family are one of the four main powers in New Reno, with a plan to bring the city into an alliance with the New California Republic.... after securing concessions for themselves, of course.[2]


Even before the Great War, Reno already had the reputation of offering all manner of vice.[3] Isolated and partially shielded by mountains, Reno survived the Great War with little structural damage, though looting and property damage have taken their toll, allowing it to be reborn as New Reno.[3] The breakdown of law and social order allowed powerful crime families to seize control. Their influence spread steadily, bringing the city to a population of several thousand in mid-23rd century and an unprecedented level of influence.[3]

By 2241, the Mordino and Bishop families were the most influential. New Reno became a key player in the struggle for control over the territory of Northern California. The geopolitical struggle centered around the town of Redding, the primary supplier of gold ore in the region. When the New California Republic switched to dollars as currency, backing them with gold, the mining city became key to the trade networks throughout New California. Whomever controls the supply of gold, controls the currency. Redding was lucky enough to remain far away enough to make a military takeover uneconomic. The three powers instead decided to make the city align with one of them through agents operating in the city, either planted ones (Painless Doc Johnson from Vault City) or voluntary supporters (Marge LeBarge was for the NCR and Dan McGrew opted for Reno).[4]

The families had other plans. The Mordinos wanted to establish themselves as an independent power by controlling all trade in Northern California. Their plan involved enslaving the miners by proxy, using Myron's Jet as the means. The first samples of the drug arrived in Redding in January 2241. The Bishops opted for another path, throwing their lot in with the New California Republic. When Vault City rejected an offer to ally with them and the NCR in February, the Bishops were responsible for orchestrating a campaign of attacks designed to bully the City into the alliance beginning a month later.[5] The Bishops were one of the most active families in other aspects as well: their investment in infrastructure even managed to restore some old telephone lines.[6][7]

The struggle was ultimately resolved, but not in the Mordinos' favor. The discovery of a cure for Jet addiction and the death of their boy genius in 2242 broke their strength and the family faded into obscurity, absorbed as enforcers or slaves by other families.[8][9][10] The Wrights and Bishops became the leading crime families, with John Bishop successfully inducting the city as a member of the New California Republic, with numerous exemptions from its laws.[11][12][13][14] Around 2256, the Bishop child conceived by the Chosen One and either Leslie Anne Bishop or Angela Bishop took over the family. Although only thirteen, he led the family into prosperity, using the stable situation to his advantage.[15][16]

However, the stable situation in the city did not last. The Van Graffs expanded their business into New Reno, clashing with the Wrights. By 2281, these two crime families fight for dominance over the city, as the Bishops operate in the background, aligned with the NCR.[10] In spite of this, the family still manages to uphold a fearsome reputation; indeed, the singer Bruce Isaac had to flee as far as Novac after he ran afoul of Mr. Bishop.


The Bishops employ a strict hierarchical structure, headed by John Bishop. The patriarch of the crime family demands absolute loyalty from those that work for him, rewarding them for their service with anything they need: women, men, drugs, alcohol, weapons, and the list goes on.[17][18][19] He has little patience for petty affairs, leaving the day-to-day operations to his lieutenants while he plots far reaching plans, like his alliance with the NCR.[20]

There is only one rule in the family: do your job and do it well. As long as that's covered, the Bishops show remarkable indifference to a member's gender, skin color, or sexual orientation.[17][18]

Outside relations

Within the city, Bishops enjoy the position of the most powerful and influential family, with Mordinos in close pursuit. They don't directly provoke hostilities with other families, absorbing even Salvatores carving out a niche on the corpses of Bishop's men.[21]

Outside of the city, the Bishops are negotiating with the NCR for membership in the Republic, as its northern partner and influence on Vault City. The alliance is much to the chagrin of ranchers like Roger Westin, who blame Reno for rustling cattle drives between the capital and Redding.[22] Bishop holds up his end of the bargain, using his best men to stage "raider" attacks on Vault City to coax it to accept the NCR's offer.

Technological level

The Bishops are a large organization, though with a modest technological level. While their efforts managed to restore some old telephone lines in New Reno,[23][24] their combat gear leaves room for improvement. Bishop thugs are easily recognizable by their signature green motorcycle/football armor. They tend to carry conventional firearms, such as M3A1 submachine guns or combat shotguns. The mercenary raiders are much better equipped, using automatic weapons, explosives, and even combat armor. What they may lack in equipment, Bishops make up for with training. They know military tactics. They stay in formation. They never cross their lines of fire.[25]


The Bishops appear only in Fallout 2, and are mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas.


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