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Big Town
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Aerial view of Big Town from the north
Big Town map.jpg
Map MarkerBig Town
Common house
Red's clinic
Town hall
MerchantsPappy (repair)
QuestsBig Trouble in Big Town
Strictly Business
The Replicated Man
A Sticky Situation
Cell NameBigTownNW (north-west)
BigTownNE (north-east)
BigTownSW (south-west)
BigTownSE (south-east)
BigTownMutants (mutants spawn)
ref id00001826 (north-west)
00001825 (north-east)
00001843 (south-west)
00001842 (south-east)
00001740 (mutants spawn)

Big Town is a medium sized settlement consisting of nine survivors from super mutant and slaver attacks, located north of Vault 101 and southeast of the Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema in the Capital Wasteland.


The population of Big Town is mostly comprised of former residents of Little Lamplight, who were expelled from Little Lamplight upon their sixteenth birthday.[1] The settlement was glorified by those of high authority in Little Lamplight as a safe and comfortable area where "mungos" go to live. In reality, Big Town is constantly besieged by slavers and super mutants, whilst the demoralized residents can do little to repel the invasions. When the Lone Wanderer arrives in the settlement for the first time, they are informed that some residents were kidnapped by super mutants and taken to the old police station in Germantown, whom the Wanderer can rescue if they so choose. Upon arrival, every resident is seemingly depressed and ready for death.


After rescuing the kidnapped residents from the super mutants, the Lone Wanderer showed the citizens how to defend themselves. Mutant attacks ceased on Big Town and the area turned into a relatively safe place to visit. The chosen method of handling the problem (or not) will also determine what happens in a certain random encounter with a wasteland merchant. If you choose to help Timebomb, you will get a Lucky 8-ball and free medical services from Red.


Big Town is a small town which apparently used to be a sprawl of suburban housing before the Great War. It has since been transformed into a makeshift fortress with walls made of cars, debris, and rubble. The dilapidated homes are fortified with barbed wire and sandbags. Since the town is surrounded by barricades, the town is only accessible by using a bridge crossing a makeshift moat located at the north end.

North of the town is a small super mutant camp, which may spawn a super mutant master with a minigun depending on your level.



¹ After randomly encountering the scavenger who is heading for Big Town, he will remain there indefinitely.
² After completing A Sticky Situation.

Notable loot

Related quests


  • Due to the lack of weaponry the inhabitants own, the whole town can be killed by passing enemies (slavers or super mutants) easily. With the Broken Steel add-on installed, it is very common to walk to Big Town at higher levels and find one or more citizens dead due to a wandering albino radscorpion just outside of town. There is no way to adequately protect Big Town from this occurrence due to the citizen's low hit points and combat abilities, even when given better armor and weapons through reverse pickpocketing and using the "robotic" solution to Big Trouble in Big Town (which adds a sentry bot and a protectron).
  • With the Broken Steel add-on, a super mutant overlord might be seen in the neighborhood and attack the town, making the Big Trouble in Big Town quest more challenging.
  • Fast traveling to Big Town may result in enemies spawning frequently, which can range between radscorpions to deathclaws depending on the player's level.


Big Town only appears in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes


  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png It has been noted above in the Notes section that enemies may randomly appear upon fast travel. But sometimes upon fast travel they will actually spawn in front of the player from 'thin air'. This may result in one or more non-player characters to be killed, and could affect certain quests such as Strictly Business if Red is killed.



  1. Continuity error: Sticky states that this age is 18. Every other Little Lamplighter says it is 16.
Big Town