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Big John's Salvage
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Map MarkerBig John's Salvage
FactionsSuper mutants
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TerminalsJohn Miller's Terminal

Big John's Salvage is a location in the Commonwealth.


Sometime before the Great War, this salvage yard became the home and family business for the Miller family. They were not fools, seeing the worsening global situation they built a shelter among the refuse. However this shelter was faulty, its generator that pumped in clean air would periodically break down causing the door to become airtight. Mr. Miller thought that he had finally fixed the generator before the nuclear Armageddon, unfortunately he didn't. In their desperate situation he broadcast a distress signal, however no one would pick it up. The signal was too weak, as the local relay tower was disengaged. His children would died before their parents, he and his wife buried them among the dug out niche construction. They then suffocated in each others arms on the bedroll.

Sometime later, this location would be built up. Eventually becoming a raider encampment. However, super mutants would later slaughter these raiders and take the salvage yard for themselves.[1]


The salvage yard, upon discovery, is seen to have been under heavy reconstruction as it changed through owners, eventually making the place into a heavily defensible location, with watchtowers and bridges crisscrossing the junk piles, and giving the inhabitants a height advantage over any possible interlopers. On the ground level, in the junk and near the main house, a cooking station can be found still in use, near an enclosed pit which the super mutants are now using to hold their mutant hounds and victims. Traveling along the salvage yard's still intact fence, once can find and use a circuit breaker, which is connected to a nearby bulldozer that is acting as the settlement's main gate; however, the circuit breaker is no longer being powered, and must be powered on again by traveling to one of the nearby watchtowers.

Aside from the watchtowers, there is the family house, which is now being used as a bunker for the occupying super mutant forces, as well as a hidden bunker underneath one of the overturned train cars, which was used as a panic room of sorts.


This addition to the salvage yard was built for use in case of emergencies by the Miller family. Constructed inside a buried trailer, hidden underneath one of the salvage yard's train cars. This is where the family ultimately met their demise. Within this small shelter is the Miller family's last owned valuables, which included a heavily customized gun, and a pre-War magazine to help increase bartering effectiveness. To open said bunker one must flip the circuit breaker on the generator by the shop.

Notable loot

  • An issue of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor and a mini nuke is found in the brown trailer at the top of the structure directly north of the family home; the magazine is on the table with the lantern, and the mini-nuke is in the fridge.
  • A loose fusion core is found in the small metal and wood shack at the south base of the structure with the magazine and mini-nuke.
  • Railway rifle, on the metal end table within the shelter.
  • Big John's safe key, located on the round metal end table within the shelter, behind the radio.


Big John's Salvage appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.372: "[6.09] BIG JOHN'S SALVAGE
    The Miller family home by the road is in ruins, with corpses of Raiders strewn about. Upstairs is John Miller’s terminal and his safe (Master). The hardware store offers a back room (Novice) and counter safe (Advanced). Stairs leading up to a makeshift lookout shack with a button moving two rusty vehicles allow access from the road.
    The salvage yard has numerous rickety walkways and rusting vehicles to inspect, including a bus with a safe (Advanced). There’s also some makeshift ramps up to a trailer with a trunk and magazine to pilfer. Climb up a fridge and drop into a long blue container to reach a shelter trapdoor. It is sealed; follow the black electrical wire to a circuit breaker on a generator by the lookout hut and activate it. The shelter has a key to open the safes, revealing evidence of what happened to the Millers."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)