Big Bad Wolf

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Mentioned-only character
Big Bad Wolf
Biography and appearance
AffiliationBysshe Company
Mentioned inFallout 76

Big Bad Wolf was an employee of Bysshe Energy and a fixer assigned to Operation: Mary's Little Lamb, where Calvin van Lowe would create an impostor sheepsquatch to drive property prices in Lewisburg down and allow the company to buy the town up unmolested. Wolf was a direct representative of the company and had the authority to trigger a clean-up and eliminate both Calvin and his handler, Bo-Peep, if they missed their check-ins or went rogue.[1]

Two months into the job, Wolf relocated his base of operations from Lewisburg to Beckley, laying claim to the abandoned Sal's Grinders sandwich shop. The ongoing miner riots were a convenient cover and helped prevent any prying eyes from seeing what they weren't supposed to see. He had little sympathy for Calvin and his lack of progress, considering him to be an incompetent fool. As a professional, however, he continued to do his job, shielding him from any trouble, including police investigations.[2] His solution was as efficient as it was brutal: He simply lured the two police officers investigating Calvin into an abandoned garden in Lewisburg and executed them.[3]

He also allowed Calvin to make a final demonstration of his project to Bo-Peep, after informing her of the truth as to Calvin's mental troubles. To speed up the process, he ordered her to report back to him in person after the demonstration.[4][5] Problem is, Calvin made a fatal mistake on October 18, 2077, and accidentally overwrote the Assaultron's original programming with his custom sheepsquatch behavioral routines. When Bo arrived at Bastion park, she met a grisly end, vaporized by the Assaultron's head laser.[6] Being dead, Bo missed the meeting and soon after, the similarly dead Calvin missed his check-in, prompting Wolf to act. What promised to be a quick cleanup job turned out to be a nightmare. With the robot going rogue, Wolf called in reinforcements from Bysshe to help deal with the problem and reached out to his contacts to organize a recapture.[7]

This took the form of anti-robot measures owned by Garrahan Mining Company that its CEO wanted to get rid of. He used Allan Garrahan as an intermediary and acquired them, setting up a capture site to the northwest of Lewisburg. Since there was no backup and he hated to leave a job unfinished, Wolf decided to attempt a recapture on his own... Failing in the attempt, killed either by the powerful pylons used to disable the robot's shield, or the impostor sheepsquatch himself.[8]


Big Bad Wolf is mentioned only in Fallout 76.