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Big Al's Tattoo Parlor
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Part ofMorgantown, The Forest
QuestsWasted on Nukashine
Wasted on Alcohol
Tipsy Taste-Test
  • The Forest location
  • Large loot scale
  • Working Class theme
  • Fast travel destination
  • TerminalsBig Al's Tattoo Parlor terminals

    Big Al's Tattoo Parlor is a location in Fallout 76.


    Once a struggling tattoo parlor operated by Big Al or Alice Loveless, a winning tattoo artist, the shop was on the verge of closing up when the president of the Eta Psi fraternity of the VTU, Judy Lowell, made Al a highly lucrative offer. In return for access to the cellar, 10 year lease, and turning deaf, dumb, and blind, she provided Al with enough income to never work again. She immediately took off to Tahiti for a well deserved break, leaving her team in charge of the shop, while Lowell turned the cellar into the Nukashine, a speakeasy for VTU students, where no alcohol went untested by Biv, a prototype robobrain obtained through Lewis' sources.[1]

    Points of interest

    • The tattoo parlor is inaccessible from the front and players need to get around and enter from the back, through the breakroom. Aside from the tattoo seats with automated tattoo machines, there's nothing there... Until that is, one looks at the Nuka-Cola machine in the break room, which conceals the entrance into the cellar. The Nukashine is a glorious little speakeasy, with a stage with enough instruments for a jazz band, a toilet, and most importantly, a distillery in the back.
    • The distillery is overseen by Biv the robobrain and has two brewing stations. The storage room is only accessible once players obtain the relevant password from the Eta Psi House or slip in while another player enters or exits the room.

    Notable loot

    Notes and holotapes
    • Warning!: The note is next to the brewing station in the underground Speakeasy backroom, pinned to the flash fermenter. (Unobtainable)
    • Nukashine Ingredients Pt. 1: The note is received from Biv in the underground Speakeasy backroom.
    • Nukashine Ingredients Pt. 2: The note is located in the underground Speakeasy backroom, behind the locked door.
    Dynamic spawns


    Big Al's Tattoo Parlor appears in Fallout 76.