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Betsy Spinelli's Holotape
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Betsy Spinelli's Holotape is a terminal holotape in Fallout 76.




DISCLAIMER: If you're reading this...

     1. You do NOT have permission.
     2. I hate you.
     3. I will find out who you are.

Continue at your own risk. Pain and suffering guaranteed.

Entry 1


Finally started my new job at RobCo! Let's just hope this doesn't turn out to be another froufrou job like my last gig at General Atomics. If I had to add one more ridiculous arm to a Mr. Handy or find a way to make a Ms. Nanny more empathetic toward kids, I'd have an aneurism.

Luckily, I left with a silent bang. A girl's got to have some fun on her last day, right? Just wait till some poor family gets a hold of my latest Ms. Nanny. I named her Chloe, after my cat who hates people, and programmed her much the same. I heard she's being shipped out to Berkeley Springs soon. I can't wait to hear about the complaints that are going to come through their customer service wing.

Entry 2


Job's still going well. RobCo's ideas of R&D at this branch go above and beyond the stuff they had me doing at General Atomics. I actually had to put in some solid thought on how to handle the backend for a new behavior module.

The people here aren't as social, which makes me happy. Just let me get my work and go home in peace. The only face I want to deal with is that wretched furball's... who am I kidding? I love my cat.

Entry 3


Get this. Some co-worker here went off and joined a group called the Free States. I guess they're all doom and gloom about the government and building some underground bunkers. I can't wait to see his face if he goes down there and emerges years later asking for his job back because nuclear war just ain't happening. There's no way things would get to that.

On the upside, they asked me to take over his work which is right up my alley. Robobrains and exploratory AI, here I come!

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