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Biography and appearance
RaceHuman, Caucasian
Hair StyleShavedHair Color?
AffiliationNew California Republic
New California Republic Army
1st Reconnaissance Battalion
LocationCamp McCarran
Camp Forlorn Hope (After Three-Card Bounty)
Dialogue FileBetsy's dialogue
QuestsI Don't Hurt Anymore
Three-Card Bounty
SPECIALStrength: 7
Perception: 7
Endurance: 6
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 8
Luck: 5
Derived StatsHit Points: 215
Tag SkillsMelee Weapons: 81
Guns: 79
Unarmed: 77
Editor ID1ECorporalBetsy
Base ID000f56fbRef ID000f570f
ActorCindy Robinson
DesignerGeorge Ziets (script)[1]

I see some cute little number, and I'd rather get in her pants. So, maybe I'm a stone-cold bitch after all.

— Betsy

Corporal Betsy is an New California Republic 1st Recon sharpshooter stationed at either Camp McCarran or Camp Forlorn Hope in Fallout: New Vegas.


A presumably cantankerous person, Betsy is actually a kindhearted professional.[2][3] It is her particularly deadpan sense of humor that one would confuse the two.[4][5][6] This however is not the case. When 10 of Spades first joined the outfit the rest of the battalion didn't want to partner with him thinking that he was too inexperienced and would therefore be a liability. She however saw his potential and decided to mentor him, putting her life in his hands. This alone wasn't all she did for him though; while most of the other sharpshooters in 1st Recon wear sunglasses, 10 of Spades needed eyeglasses, so she convinced him to take them as "training aids;" truth is his eyes are just bad.[7][8]

Some time after she volunteered to partner with 10 of Spades, the pair was ambushed by Cook-Cook's group of Fiends on one of their first assignments. After sneaking up on them, Cook-Cook kicked 10 of Spades in the head until he was unconscious, undoubtedly trying to kill him.[9] While 10 was unconscious, Betsy was raped and left for dead.[10]

Spurred by her pride, she tried to shrug off the trauma,[11] but this had profound effects on her mental wellbeing, and her slowly building anger bled into her deadpan humor.[12] With her rape trauma syndrome going untreated she became more promiscuous following the attack. It got to the point where she made passes at every woman who wandered by. Her increasingly inappropriate behavior[13][14][15] began to reflect badly upon her and 1st Recon as a whole. While her commanding officer, Lieutenant Gorobets, could order her disciplined and/or treated, he knows it would be better if she made the right choice herself.[16][17][18][19]

Looking for an excuse to save face,[17] she will cave if told of her own squadmate's problems are being worked through in the same manner,[20][21][22] by convincing her that it is like a wound that needs to be healed before festering,[23][24] or if one were to be as straight forward and harsh as a drill instructor.[25] Once agreeing to the treatment her teammates will be grateful, just as she will be if the Courier kills Cook-Cook.[26]

For the past six months, First Recon has been stationed at Camp McCarran, mostly on perimeter duty, manning the guard towers.[27][28] However, they most definitely were sent out after the Fiend leaders; Betsy even claims two confirmed hits on Driver Nephi.[29] He however managed to get away, and she holds a personal grudge against him because of it. If 1st Recon gets recruited to help go after him she will comment on who got the killshot, be it herself[30] or someone else.[31] Once the threat from the Fiends are neutralized in the western Vegas Conurbation, she – like the rest of 1st Recon – will be transferred to the front lines at Camp Forlorn Hope.


As a lesbian[32] she doesn't appreciate men,[33][34] especially the "horn-dog alpha males" that make up the bulk of the Army.[35] This however is more due to her own sense of pride, as their consistent come-ons and lack of interest in actually listening to her (or at least that is her perception of them) is a complete and total affront.[7][5]

She has complete respect for her team,[36] but it is her pride that blinds her from their respect and concern.[37] She has extreme respect for Sterling who was a NCR Ranger, although she never got into a discussion with him about his experiences being more concerned with his Ranger status, or lack thereof. Her perception of Bitter-Root was similar: an extremely tough hardened man who didn't need to talk about his problems, nor admit that someone else helped him through them. This however was her just projecting. As for 10 of Spades she saw potential in him, trusting her life to the newest member of the team. She respects that he doesn't try to flirt to her and listens to her when she speaks, but she doesn't appreciate his constant talking.[7][8][38] For her CO Lieutenant Gorobets she has the utmost respect.[39]

As for her love life, she is an openly promiscuous woman and prefers beautiful tall blondes,[5][40][41] although if she finds someone who enjoys her sense of humor, it's all the better.[42] Due to her profession she knows that there is no time to waste; she could be dead tomorrow, so why waste time not being forward?[43][44][45] This is the only thing she agrees with the "alpha-males."[46] She has leave coming up and booked a suite at Gomorrah.[47][48]

As an experienced soldier she knows that the Fiends are not a real threat, Caesar's Legion is. She also has a sense of justice, although she admits that all she does is "shoot the bad guys."[27] In fact she feels bad for the Fiends – particularly the females – as they are a bunch roving of junkies so crazed and drug addled that they cannot comprehend that they are in fact the problem.[6][27][49]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

Perk empathy synthesizer.png
This character is involved in quests.


Other interactions

  • If the player character is female and has 7 Charisma or more, Betsy will flirt with them. With the Cherchez La Femme, the player can elect to flirt back, but the interaction stops there. The corporal will not entertain any propositions made by male Couriers, however.


Icon armored vault suit.png
1st Recon beret
NCR bandoleer armor
Assault carbine icon.png
Hunting rifle
Icon briefcase.png
Carried items
Icon male severed head.png
Drops on death


  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png PCIcon pc.png If Betsy relocates to Forlorn Hope, this will break her scripting for her personal quest, together with Old School Ghoul. Talking with Gorobets about her situation can help set the variables right again, but it's recommended to finish her personal quest before they relocate.


Betsy appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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    (Betsy's dialogue) Note: This line is spoken if the player character is male.
    Betsy: "Don't take this the wrong way, but girl, it's a damn good thing you're hot. That sarcasm blew right over your head, didn't it?"
    (Betsy's dialogue) Note: This line is spoken if the player character is female.
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  9. The Courier: "10 of Spades blames himself."
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    10 of Spades: "It was m-my fault. See... I was kn-knocked out when it happened. That b-big guy sneaked up on us. I let B-Betsy down."
    The Courier: "Why do you think you let Betsy down?"
    10 of Spades: "She's my g-g-goddamn partner. See, we work in pairs. We spot for each other. W-watch each other's backs. Nobody wanted to w-work with me. They said I was too green. But Betsy volunteered. Shit, you don't even know how big a d-d-deal that is. She trusts her life to the newbie, and I sit there and let her get raped by that... p-p-piece of shit."
    The Courier: "If you were unconscious, how could you have done anything?"
    10 of Spades: "Shit. You sound like the LT. I should've w-woken up. I shouldn't have gotten knocked out in the f-first place. That shit was my fault. I don't want to talk about it anymore, all right?"
    (10 of Spades' dialogue)
  11. The Courier: "You should get medical help for your trauma."
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    (Betsy's dialogue)
  12. The Courier: "Actually, I didn't notice the attitude until just now."
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  13. Betsy: "Girl... you are some grade-A poon, anybody ever tell you that?"
    (Betsy's dialogue) Note: This greeting line is spoken when the player character first speaks with her, is female, and has a Charisma of 7 or more.
  14. Betsy: "You keep talking to me, sweetness, and people are gonna think we're an item. Not that I mind."
    (Betsy's dialogue) Note: This greeting line is spoken if the player character is female with a Charisma of 7 or more.
  15. Betsy: "I've been seeing Usanagi, and things are better. I'm not so angry all the time, you know? And, uh, I'm not trying to jump every woman in camp. Well, not all the time, anyway,"
    (Betsy's dialogue)
  16. The Courier: "What's wrong with Betsy?"
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    The Courier: "I can talk to Betsy about getting medical help for her trauma, if you want."
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  18. The Courier: "Don't you want some payback?"
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    (Betsy's dialogue)
    The Courier: "You were raped. That's not something you can just shrug off."
    Betsy: "Never said it was. But I don't need to talk to any doctors. Especially not the pricks around here. If I was smart, I'd fake a big old breakdown. That'd make everybody happy, and I'd get some leave time. But then I'd be doing what everybody wants, and being the asshole that I am, it just wouldn't feel right. Got to have some integrity."
    (Betsy's dialogue)
  19. The Courier: "I heard you were raped by Cook-cook."
    Betsy: "Can't stop talking about that, can they? The Lieutenant actually sat me down and asked if I wanted to talk to a doctor. Wouldn't believe me when I told him to forget it. I mean, if that slab of meat had gotten me pregnant, then maybe I'd want to talk to a doctor."
    (Betsy's dialogue)
  20. The Courier: "10 of Spades says his stuttering got better because of Usanagi."
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    (Betsy's dialogue)
  21. The Courier: "Bitter-Root admitted that Usanagi was able to help him with his problems."
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    (Betsy's dialogue)
  22. The Courier: "Sterling said that if he'd let his pride get in the way, he wouldn't be in First Recon."
    Betsy: "I always wondered about that. First Recon is elite, but the rangers... I can't imagine what it'd be like to lose that kind of status. I'm guessing the other two had similar things to say. All right, consider me convinced. I'll go see Usanagi. You can tell the Lieutenant that I caved. And... thanks."
    (Betsy's dialogue)
  23. The Courier: "Mental trauma can slow you down or distract you, but it's treatable - just like any bullet wound."
    Betsy: "[SUCCEEDED] Just another injury to take care of, huh? Well, when you put it that way... all right. You can tell the Lieutenant I finally caved. There's a Doctor Usanagi who's supposed to be good at this sort of thing."
    (Betsy's dialogue)
  24. The Courier: "Corporal Betsy from First Recon will be coming to you for mental treatment."
    Usanagi: "Mental trauma can be just as debilitating as physical injuries. Fortunately, I'm well-qualified in such treatment. I'll make time in my schedule. I'm assuming you're referring to mental trauma. I'll make time in my schedule."
    (Usanagi's dialogue)
  25. The Courier: "You're a weak link. I know it, you know it, and First Recon knows it. Do something about it."
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    (Betsy's dialogue)
  26. The Courier: "I thought you should know. Cook-cook is dead."
    Betsy: "You killed him? Well, shit. Here I'd dreamed up this whole elaborate revenge fantasy. Didn't really think I'd do it, but as long as the tubby bastard was actually alive, I could pretend like I would. Here. I owe you. Take it and get out of here, before I indulge my inner bitch and spoil the moment."
    (Betsy's dialogue)
  27. 27.0 27.1 27.2 The Courier: "Have you seen any serious combat here?"
    Betsy: "Not unless you count the Fiends as serious. Gorobets keeps us inside the fence, most of the time. Doesn't matter to me, I just shoot bad guys. Sooner or later, they'll move us out to the Dam, though. That's when the shit gets nasty."
    (Betsy's dialogue)
  28. The Courier: "How long have you been stationed here?"
    Sterling: "Going on six months, now. But I reckon we'll be moving out, soon enough. Can't talk about the details. Til then, we'll man the towers and keep an eye on the Fiends. We've had more than our share of trouble from their direction. Whole things smells of Caesar to me. 'Course, that's just guesswork, but I'd still bet a few caps that he's stirring up the locals against us."
    (Sterling's dialogue)
  29. The Courier: "What can you tell me about Driver Nephi?"
    Gorobets: "Not enough. We've been trying to put a bullet in him for a few weeks. He's strong as a brahmin bull, and he's fast. Seems like he usually runs with a gang of Fiends. Uses them for cover. We haven't been able to get a clean shot at him. Betsy swears she's hit him. Twice. But if she's right, it didn't seem to slow him down."
    (Gorobets' dialogue)
  30. Betsy: "You did good out there. Glad you let me get a piece of Nephi."
    (Betsy's dialogue) Note: This greeting line is spoken PARAMETERS
  31. Betsy: "What a pointless trip. Here I thought I'd get a shot at that junkie bastard."
    (Betsy's dialogue) Note: This greeting line is spoken PARAMETERS
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    (Betsy's dialogue) Note: This greeting line is spoken PARAMETERS
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    (Betsy's dialogue)
  34. Betsy: "Yeah?"
    (Betsy's dialogue) Note: This greeting line is spoken PARAMETERS
  35. Betsy:"Girl... you are some grade-A poon, anybody ever tell you that?"
    The Courier: "Yes. But never a woman."
    Betsy: "Trust me, the alpha males are overrated. Plenty of them in the army. All they're good for is killing each other and taking smelly shits. I'm just saying... never know what you might like, if you don't give it a try."
    (Betsy's dialogue)
  36. 10 of Spades: "Can't b-b-believe Betsy's gone. S-s-she was a bitch, b-but she was my p-p-partner, you know?"
    (10 of Spades' dialogue) Note: This greeting line is spoken if Betsy dies.
  37. The Courier: "The rest of First Recon all agree that you should go see Doctor Usanagi."
    Betsy: "This was none of their business - or yours. You've got no right to talk to people behind my back about this."
    (Betsy's dialogue)
  38. Betsy: "Damn that 10 of Spades. Just had to go and get himself killed."
    (Betsy's dialogue) Note: This greeting line is spoken if 10 of Spades dies.
  39. Betsy: "Gorobets was all right - for a man. Not gonna be the same without him."
    (Betsy's dialogue) Note: This greeting line is spoken if Gorobets dies.
  40. The Courier: "How about a date? I like tough women."
    Betsy: "Yeah, right. You're sniffing up the wrong skirt. Try me again when you're tall, blonde, and female."
    (Betsy's dialogue)
  41. The Courier: "How about a date? I like tough women."
    Betsy: "Thanks for your help with Usanagi and all, but I still like them tall, blonde, and female."
    (Betsy's dialogue)
  42. The Courier: "Actually, I didn't notice the attitude until just now."
    Betsy: "Hah! See, we've even got the same sense of humor. I like a girl who doesn't piss me off after sex."
    (Betsy's dialogue)
  43. The Courier: "So snipers work in pairs?"
    Betsy: "Yeah. We spot for each other, watch each other's backs. Usually works pretty well, unless you get paired up with an asshole. Thing is, there's a lot of assholes in the army. Now if they paired me up with somebody who looks like you... Lot of downtime in the army. Nobody around but you and your partner. Plenty of time for... whatever we want."
    (Betsy's dialogue)
  44. The Courier: "Goodbye."
    Betsy: "Yeah... I always scare off the hot ones..."
    (Betsy's dialogue)
  45. The Courier: "Goodbye."
    Betsy: "You don't have to leave, girl. Better yet, come and find me when I'm off duty."
    (Betsy's dialogue)
  46. The Courier: "That's a little forward, don't you think?"
    Betsy: "Yeah. So what? I could take a bullet in the skull tomorrow. I haven't got time to take it slow and subtle.|player just said she was being too forward}} I see somebody I like, I go ahead and tell her. That's about the only thing that the horn-dog males get right."
    (Betsy's dialogue)
  47. Betsy: "Girl... you are some grade-A poon, anybody ever tell you that?"
    The Courier: "Only all the time."
    Betsy: "You and me at Gomorrah, rolled up in those silk sheets. I got leave coming up in a bit, so let me know if you'll be around."
    (Betsy's dialogue) Note: This line is spoken if the player character is female, has 7 Charisma, and the Cherchez La Femme option is taken.
  48. Betsy: "Girl... you are some grade-A poon, anybody ever tell you that?"
    The Courier: "Sorry, not interested."
    Betsy: "Damn shame. I've got some leave time coming to me, and I booked a suite at the Gomorrah. The two of us, rolled up in those silk sheets..."
    (Betsy's dialogue) Note: This line is spoken if the player character is female, has 7 Charisma.
  49. The Courier: "What do you mean?"
    Betsy: "Legion fights to win. And they're smart... hell of a lot smarter than these crazy Fiends. But I don't feel bad about shooting Legion boys. Fiends, on the other hand... sometimes I get some pangs of conscience. Not often. But sometimes."
    (Betsy's dialogue)