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Bethesda underworks
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Bethesda Ruins, local: Bethesda Underworks)
Connects toNone
World Map ExitsBethesda ruins
Cell NamezBethSewer
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Bethesda underworks is a Metro station located in the ruins of Bethesda, Maryland.


Once serving the area of Bethesda, Maryland this station was devastated when the nuclear weapons struck the area. The train that was passing into the station buckled and was partially crushed by the collapsing tunnels. Now over two hundred years later a new danger exists in this tomb. The nuclear waste that was secretly dumped into the lake beside the settlement leaked. Its caustic nature eating its way through both the soil and steel-reinforced concrete. Now piles of saftey barrels litter the main platform and the only accessible tunnel. A sewer that lies near the lake.



The main entrance is via a metro station entrance located northeast of Bethesda office east. Uncharacteristically, this station doesn't have an obelisk marking its location.


Inside the station, the mezzanine and platform are relatively intact. Subway tunnels are destroyed and access is limited to the tunnel openings. The subway tracks ran north to south. Located off one of the destroyed subway tunnels, there is a service tunnel which leads to a sewer grating ladder. This sewer grating is located south of Bethesda offices west. This station is irradiated by containers of radioactive waste. The largest concentrations can be located on the platform and near the sewer grating ladder.

The underworks are populated by the feral ghouls. It is not surprising to see a glowing one or a feral ghoul reaver (if Broken Steel is installed) here among the other types of ghouls. Upon entering, the Lone Wanderer may be swarmed by all the ghouls at once, forcing the Lone Wanderer into a fight with around 6 ghouls of varying difficulty (depending on the Lone Wanderer's level). However if the player successfully hides from the ferals they will go topside and fight with the raiders. This fight will repeat every three days as the area resets.

Notable loot

  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor - on a large metal pot sitting on a bench found right after coming from the tunnel at the entrance. (A)
  • Grognak the Barbarian - in a storage room at the bottom of the Underworks. On a shelf next to several grenades. Note: that the book blends in with the shelves, making it difficult to spot. (B)
  • Mini nuke - in the storage room under a wooden crate (you need to move it manually)
  • Stealth Boy - in the storage room, held in the skeleton's hand.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - in the storage room, on the shelf.


  • The feral ghouls and raiders will often start fighting amongst each other if you fast-travel to this location.


Bethesda underworks appears only in Fallout 3.