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Benny's suit
Bennys suit mf.pngBennys suit mb.png
Icon Bennys suit.png
DT1Item HP100
Effects+5 Barter
+5 Speech
Pre-War businesswear
Light armor & clothing
base id00104c23

How about that suit Benny wears? If I had a suit like that, the ladies would be all over me. What, you expect a punchline? This guy pays my salary!

Billy Knight

Benny's suit is a unique piece of clothing in Fallout: New Vegas that also appears in the graphic novel All Roads.


Benny's suit is comprised of a black and white buffalo plaid blazer and a pair of gray slacks with a travelers crease. A white, long-sleeved shirt is worn underneath with a long black tie around the collar and attached is a silver tie pin. A pair of black dress shoes and a white handkerchief in the blazer pocket completes the set. It adds an additional five points to Speech and Barter. It can be repaired with any type of businesswear.


It is worn by Benny and can be obtained by reverse-pickpocketing him or killing him and taking it off of his corpse.


  • It is possible to obtain two copies of Benny's suit. The first copy may be obtained by the player by reverse pickpocket the suit during the quest Ring-a-Ding-Ding!, when Benny is standing with all of his guards when the player first enters The Tops. The next copy may be obtained if the player chooses to duel, or shoot Benny, near the end of the quest Render Unto Caesar. Once the player has killed Benny the second copy of the suit just can be looted from Benny's corpse.
  • If you go into the Ultra-Luxe after killing Benny, some White Glove members may say "I know Benny was murdered, but if you ask me, the real crime was that checkered jacket".
  • If worn by a female character it has the same appearance as if on a male.

Behind the scenes

  • Benny's suit looks very similar to the one the Vault Boy wears for the Smooth Talker perk.
  • Benny's suit also resembles Bugsy Siegel's checkered jacket. Bugsy was the founder of the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas and was also assassinated for borrowing something that wasn't his...
  • On the collector's edition Joker 1 card (and on the original Ace of Spades card, though Pacer replaces Benny on the card in the collector's edition), Benny's suit is a solid grey color.