Belly of the Beast

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Belly of the Beast
F76 Glassed Caverns BoB.png
Quest data
LocationSurvey Camp Alpha, Drop Site V9, Glassed Cavern, Fort Defiance
Editor IDBoS03
Base ID000183ca
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Recruitment Blues
leads to:
Uncle Sam

Belly of the Beast is a quest in Fallout 76.


Although the dwellers gained access to the Asylum's top level and secrets of the Brotherhood, their knowledge is not yet complete. To understand how to defeat the scorchbeasts, they need to find the final resting place of the founder of the Appalachian Brotherhood, Paladin Lizzy Taggerdy. Her final expedition briefly halted attacks by the Scorchbeasts. The question is: How?


  • To find Paladin Taggerdy, the players need to deal with the scorchbeast first. Fortunately, the confined spaces favor the player, not the beast, giving cover from its energy/rad attacks and preventing it from taking flight. The lackeys do make the fight more difficult. Of course, defeating the beast is not necessary to progress, but it makes looting Taggerdy a good deal easier.
  • The player only has to pick up Lieutenant Elizabeth Taggerdy's ID and return to Fort Defiance, to her quarters. The ID allows players to open up her terminal to learn more about the Scorchbeasts and the Ultimate Solution she was considering.
  • Reading the Ultimate Solution topic on her terminal completes the quest.