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Behavioral Reprogramming
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Behavioral Reprogramming is a holotape in Fallout 76.




Calvin: Right, let's see here... the script begins on page twenty-five, so... aha. Here we are. Ahem... "Now beginning behavioral reprogramming on model number," uh... RX, zero, zero... and so on. "I, Calvin van Lowe, hereby agree... accountability... death and or dismemberment..." blah, blah, blah... Well, that was a waste of time. Listen here, Ms. Assaultron; I'm going to be augmenting your behavioral subroutines.

Assaultron: Acknowledged.

Calvin: Okay, then I'll just... insert the data... here... Did that work?

Assaultron: Received: custom behavior parameters: "Sheepsquatch"

Calvin: Excellent. Now, this next part might seem a little odd... And, to anyone listening, I assure you, this is necessary!

Assaultron: Received: custom behavior parameters: "Sheepsquatch Mating Rituals." Error: request conflicts with guidelines. Report filed.

Calvin: Wait, wait, no! It's nothing like... it's nature, it's for-just wait! Execute administrative override!

Assaultron: Received: request for overwrite. Confirmation needed.

Calvin: Uh... I confirm!

Assaultron: Confirmed. Primary behavior will be overwritten with submitted routine: "Sheepsquatch." Re-booting.

Calvin: Wait, no, don't overwrite! I said override! It should only augment-- what are you-- wait! No!

<Screaming, clatter, death wails>

Assaultron: Baa...

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