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  • Beds

Beds are something that is used to sleep on, and there is plenty of variety in what.

List of all bedding types throughout the Fallout series

Beds (Fallout 4)


Main article: Resting

Resting is used to heal in a safe place without the need to use chems or healing skills. The player is unable to rest if there are enemies nearby, is being exposed to radiation, or if the bed is owned by someone else.

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Sub queen sized bed
Base ID00015848 (mattress)
00015849 (mattress)
0001f55c (queen sized bed)
00015838 (mattress bed with frame)
000157fa (mattress bed with frame)
0008d346 (sub queen sized bed)
0008d349 (sub queen sized bed)
0008d34c (sub single bed)
0008d34d (sub single bed)
0008d348 (sub single bed)
0008d349 (sub single bed)
00097bc5 (clean vault bed)
00099fe1 (dirty vault bed)
00056ab3 (makeshift bedding)
(Bighorner Hide Bed)

Bedding is a furniture item used for sleeping on by one or more persons. Beds usually have a fabric covered mattress for sleeping on and a frame for supporting the mattress above the ground. Beds are used in the Vault-Tec Vaults.

Fallout 3 Bed Models

Bed Model #1

This is an adult's bed. The beds consist of a mattress placed on a metal box frame. The frame's top and bottom function as a headboard and footboard, respectively. A white bottom sheet and a gray top sheet cover the mattress. The beds are used in the Vaults.

Vault 101 Locations

Bed Model #2

This is an infant's bed. The beds consist of a bare gray mattress placed on a crib. The cribs have three walls and a drop side. The drop side is where parents gently picked up or dropped off their infants in the cribs. The cribs are decorated with mobiles. Mobiles are attached to one of the sides of cribs, Dangling from each of the mobiles' hooks, there are three red-and-white rockets of varying shapes. The beds are used in the Vaults.

Vault 101 Locations

  • Apartments
    • Lone Wanderer's Apartment (2259)

Wasteland Variants

  • Makeshift Bedding. This is the lowest quality bedding available to the residents of the Capital Wasteland. They are usually found in super mutant bases and camps.
  • Dirty bed without a Bed Frame. These can be found in various raider bases and other low-income/developing settlements. They are very dirty and look very uncomfortable.
  • Dirty Bed with Frame. These can be found in more established raider bases and middle-income settlements in the Capital Wasteland. They are a bit more comfortable with a frame, but they still are grimy.
  • Clean Bed with Frame. These beds are usually found in untouched buildings or upper-class settlements like Tenpenny Tower. Oddly, a set of three clean beds can be found in the raider base in the MDPL Mass Relay Station.
  • Clean Queen-sized bed. These beds are rare and are usually found in untouched pre-War buildings or very classy settlement. They will always give a well rested bonus, even if it is unowned or if the player doesn't have the Deep Sleep perk. One can be found in the Tenpenny tower suite if the player destroyed Megaton during the quest The Power of the Atom. This type of bed is also found in The Pitt's Uptown area.

Safehouse bed

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