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Bedford station
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Map MarkerBedford Station
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TerminalsLoading Dock Terminal
Stationmaster's Terminal

Bedford station is a location in the Commonwealth.


Once a switching station serving Thicket Excavations. Recently, this location appears to have been used by The Railroad as a stopover. However, the last two agents, Dutchman and Helena are quite dead, and the synth (A9-51) they were escorting is nowhere to be found.[1] Dutchman and the synth became surrounded by a Synth Retention Bureau squad; A9-51 was told to count to ten and make a break for the treeline, and Dutchman met his end in a hail of gunfire.[2] Instead of being captured, A9-51 took its own life with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head; still, the Institute retrieved the remains.[3]


To the north is a loading dock, with a steamer chest inside the office. The train tracks lead south, littered with tipped boxcars, as well as the stationmaster's tower, containing a desk and terminal. Further south is a Railroad dead drop in the blue boxcar behind a locomotive.

Notable loot

  • The Bedford station recording can be downloaded from the stationmaster's terminal.
  • Cargo handler's note in the toppled trash bin in the station.
  • A Railroad Dead Drop in the blue barrel in the boxcar, marked with the appropriate railsign.
  • A railway rifle will spawn if above level 20 in the blue car behind the locomotive on the south end of the station.


Baedford station appears only in Fallout 4.



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    This was a train switching station serving Thicket Excavations. Recently, this location appears to have been used by the Railroad as a stopover. Look for the bodies of Helena and Dutchman, though the synth they were protecting is nowhere to be found. Locate a large trunk with items in the freight warehouse (north) and a Railroad dead drop in the blue carriage."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)
  2. Bedford station recording
  3. There is a blood splatter on the wall and floor of the signal station, and a pipe revolver nearby.