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A beastlord with a captive deathclaw in Quincy
LeadershipEmperor Daarr
Notable MembersDuff (Quincy attack commander)
Notable LocationsQuincy, Mardin
Mini-FOT Logo.pngThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

This is war, brother, and war is hell. But take heart - while they will die a delerious, vomiting death, they will do so to help restore civilization from the ashes.

— General Dekker remarking on the fate of the Beastlords.

Beastlords is the name of a savage tribe of mutated humans, notable for its ability to telepathically control simpler lifeforms.


A loosely organized group of mutated humans hailing from the region of Mardin, the Beastlords would be unable to face the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel if it wasn't for the unique properties of the region they originate from. The background radiation triggered very peculiar mutations, gradually occurring over twenty years. Apart from developing a discolored, bluish skin, they became able to telepathically control simpler lifeforms, such as mutated wasps, giant cockroaches, canines of all kinds, and even komodo dragons.[1] Unfortunately, the people who underwent the mutation weren't prime subjects. Far from it: The original group of survivors that came to the area around thirty-forty years earlier were already suffering from the adverse effects of inbreeding. Their incestuous offspring would only be worse. Their leader, a warlord calling himself "Emperor" Dar, has the greatest telepathic gift, but is also completely insane, with a strategy that's equally likely to hit and miss.[2]

The end result of Dar's reign was predictable: As the beastlords grew in power, their savage ways and cannibalism earned them few friends. When they attacked the town of Quincy in 2197, the town's mayor petitioned the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel for protection. A strike team led by the Warrior liberated the town and subsequently deposed the self-proclaimed Emperor, scattering the beastlords to the winds.[3] Remnants would be pressed into service as slaves, used as expendable workforce for high risk missions, like transporting a leaking nuclear warhead.[4]


The beastlords have a simple structure, primarily determined by might and telepathic ability. Individual warbands are led by field commanders, who are among the most savage and insane members of the group, like Duff, a relative of the self-proclaimed emperor.[5] The disturbed nature of their leaders makes the beastlords less effective in combat than they would otherwise be. However, their command of hordes of wild animals compensates for their poor tactics somewhat.

Interestingly, the beastlords were able to force the deathclaws of the Midwest to work for them. Their high level of intelligence rendered them immune to the control, so they forced them to obey by imprisoning their Matriarch. If either her or her broodlings disobeyed, they would be all put to the sword.[6]


Due to their origins and reliance on wild animals in combat, the beastlords were equipped on par with local raiders. Their primary assets were animals under their psychic control, which they used as both cannon fodder and shock troops. Beyond that, they relied on their limited supply of firearms in combat.

Behind the scenes

  • One of the Beastlord combat taunts, "Fear is the mind-killer," is a reference to the Litany against Fear in Dune.


Beastlords appear only in Fallout Tactics and Fallout: Warfare.


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    The Beastlords have been eliminated and the monsters are no longer under their control. News of our victory has already reached the surrounding towns. The Brotherhood's reputation alone will now have new recruits flocking to our front door.
    Our scribes were correct on the Beastlords' relationship with their animal lackeys. The Beastlords inherent telepathic suggestion is a unique ability. It is acquired through prolonged exposure to an unknown radiation present within Mardin's underground caves.
    Unfortunately, we will not be able to duplicate this feat. The scribes explained that this unique mutation only manifests in humans that have been exposed for at least twenty years. But, it is of little matter, since science and discipline will always be victorious over ungodly mutation."
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    Dar is large, sweaty man in his early forties. He speaks with a hissing lisp that seems to follow those of his clan. Generations of in-breeding have made this man almost completely insane.
    Dar gibbers to himself, talks to imaginary advisors, and leaves tooth-marks on the furniture. His tactics seem to be 'divinely' inspired with an equal chance to hit or miss."
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