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Beantown Brewery
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FactionsBeantown Brewery (formerly)
Tower Tom's gang
QuestsConfidence Man
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Tower Tom's Terminal

Beantown Brown, because no one likes a snob.

— Beantown Brewery slogan

Beantown Brewery is a location in the Commonwealth.


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[1] [2] Beantown Brewery was the manufacturer of Beantown Brown Beer, the common man's beer with a higher than average alcohol content and a lower than average price tag. Centuries later the brewery has been taken over by Tower Tom's gang of raiders, and yes, they came for the beer.[3]


Built on the banks of the Charles River, the brewery's main door is locked (Advanced difficultly), but the room to the store and tasting room is unlocked. The store contains sever display cases and a a stock room off to the side with a cooking station inside. A hallway leads from the store to the brewery proper. A series of catwalks allow one to navigate the manufacturing plant and lead to Tower Tom's office. There is a stairwell on the southwest side of the catwalks that leads up to some offices. A hole in the floors drops because down into the store.

Tower Tom's office contains a weapons workbench as well as an elevator leading down to the factory floor. On the east side of the factory floor is a gated in room containing a chemistry station.

Notable loot

  • The "House of Tomorrow... Today" issue of Picket Fences is found in front of the chest in the corner of Tower Tom's office.
  • The Gwinnett brew recipe holotape is found in Tower Tom's office, on the desk beside the terminal.


  • On the floor line there is a teddy bear couple that, after a brew and flowers are having relations.
  • Behind the vats? there is a teddy bear with a hat and items.


Beantown Brewery appears only in Fallout 4.


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    There are additional entities here if the quest is active.
    Renowned throughout the Commonwealth for its higher than normal alcohol content and lower than normal cost, Beantown Brown Beer was the favored drink among blue-collar workers after a long day on the job. Looked down upon by most discerning beer drinkers, the Beantown Brewery catered more to the “common man,” which led to one of its more popular slogans, “Beantown Brown, because no one likes a snob.” The beer was produced here. Currently, Raiders have taken over the location. They are here for the beer."
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