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Deputy Beagle
22380 20180828145417 1.png
Biography and appearance
RaceHuman, Caucasian
Height5' 9" (1.75 m)
FamilyMrs. McBain (sister)
Sheriff McBain (brother-in-law)
Dialogue FileBeagle's dialogue
QuestsThey Went That-a-Way
My Kind of Town
SPECIALStrength: 6
Perception: 6
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 3
Agility: 7
Luck: 4
Derived StatsHit Points: 30 → 175 → 275 (DLCs only)
DT: 5
Tag SkillsMelee Weapons: 31 → 100
Guns: 33 → 100
Unarmed: 29 → 100
Level1 → 30 → 50 (DLCs only)
Editor IDPrimmDeputy
Base ID000d7f57Ref ID000d7f59
ActorRobin Atkin Downes

Now all Primm needs is a sheriff that can shoot a gun without wetting himself.

— Primm citizen

Beagle is the deputy of Primm in Fallout: New Vegas.


Beagle was deputized by Sheriff McBain about two and half months[1] before the attack on Primm, on account of being brother to the sheriff's wife.[2] When he witnessed convicts attack and kill his sister and brother-in-law, Beagle decided that discretion was the better part of valor and started observing the convicts and taking notes and witnessed a meetup between Benny, the Great Khans and the convicts. Unfortunately for him, he was caught and thrown into the kitchen as a hostage.[3] This event was in fact witnessed by McGee who was on scout, however, he chose not to act, instead citing lack of a long rifle and proper orders.[4] The Powder Gangers tortured Beagle while he was captured. He couldn't resist the torture and told them the little he knew about the town and has since remained their hostage for ransom, but no one in town can pay the price the convicts are asking.[5][6][2]

The deputy is not treated seriously by the other denizens of Primm, on account of his lack of common sense, intelligence, and general unusefullness.[2] He tries to cover it up by using a gentlemanly demeanor and a sophisticated vocabulary that he more often than not mispronounces.[7][8][9] This would be fine if Beagle did his job well, but Beagle is also a lazy coward who's unable or unwilling to defend himself or others without help; always seeking out excuses to not be proactive with law enforcement[8] and leaving things half-finished.[10] Even when it comes time to step up and become the town sheriff, Beagle pushes a job of actual weight off on to someone else[11] so he can stay a deputy.[12] This is probably for the best as Beagle even opines several times that a quality a sheriff should have is bravery.[13][14] Justifiably, his unwillingness to become sheriff bites him in the end and he is deposed as deputy no matter who is ultimately made sheriff of Primm.[15]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

This character is a temporary party member.
Perk empathy synthesizer.png
This character is involved in quests.


  • They Went That-a-Way: The deputy provides intel on where the Courier's assailants went: Novac.
  • My Kind of Town: Beagle asks the Courier to find a new sheriff for the town of Primm, offering suggestions as to the likely candidates, once rescued from the grip of the convicts. He loses the rank of deputy regardless of who takes the town over and spends his time sitting outside his home.

Other interactions

  • Speaking to him in a Powder Ganger outfit will make Beagle think you're a Powder Ganger, but will see through the disguise the very next line.
  • After saving him, the player can force him to join them on a sweep of the hotel with Speech 25. He leaves as soon as the player exits the area. Giving him any items is not advised as a result, as otherwise the player will be forced to steal them back.


Icon armored vault suit.png
Leather armor
Assault carbine icon.png
9mm pistol
Icon briefcase.png
Carried items
Deputy Beagle's journal
Icon male severed head.png
Drops on death


  • PCIcon pc.png As long as Beagle is bound, the player can interrogate him to learn about Benny and his crew. The Speech 40 option will remain active indefinitely, as the script does not disable it properly.


Beagle appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  1. The Courier: "What's your problem now?"
    Beagle: "My problem is that I'm no longer a deputy. I'm just a Beagle now. Apparently two-and-a-half months of law enforcement experience doesn't count for anything. The new regime is just that - all new. He's rude. Just don't tell him I said it. Primm has a sheriff now, just not as supportive as I would've hoped."
    (Beagle's dialogue)
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 The Courier: "You say Powder Gangers kidnapped Primm's deputy?"
    Johnson Nash: "Well, you can call Beagle a deputy so long as you don't harbor too high an opinion of the word. Boy was 'bout as useful as tits on a radscorpion. Only qualification he ever had was to be brother to the wife of the sheriff. Still, I s'pose he don't deserve what's befell him. We would've considered paying the ransom, if we'd had caps to spare."
    (Johnson Nash's dialogue)
  3. Deputy Beagle's journal
  4. The Courier: "I rescued Primm's deputy, but the town's still lawless."
    McGee: "I can't imagine that deputy of theirs is worth more than a spit. I was on lookout when he got frog marched over to Bison Steve. If I had a long rifle or the order I would have taken out the Powder Gangers to save him, but I didn't. His tough shit I guess."
    (McGee's dialogue)
  5. Beagle: "I've told you Powder Gangers everything I know! Please don't hit me anymore! Well look at that! You aren't a Powder Ganger after all. I'd suggest against wearing that outfit around the townsfolk. You may get shot by accident."
    (Beagle's dialogue)
  6. Ruby Nash: "Quite a town we got here. Sheriff gets murdered, and Deputy Beagle dragged off for ransom to the Bison Steve. That should bring back the tourists."
    (Ruby Nash's dialogue)
  7. Beagle: "Please excuse me - I'm extricating myself at the moment..."
    (Beagle's dialogue)
  8. 8.0 8.1 The Courier: "Like I cut you loose just so you could run away? Like I don't want your help?"
    Beagle: "[FAILED] I know! It's incredibly generous and altruistic of you. See you outside!"
    (Beagle's dialogue)
  9. The Courier: "You must be Deputy Beagle."
    Beagle: "Why, yes I am. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm in a bit of a predicament here. I'd be most appreciative if you'd set me free."
    (Beagle's dialogue)
  10. Beagle: "I don't plan to come back to the Bison Steve much in the years to come. If I ever get out of it. I do hope this ordeal will be over soon. If we were to miss a convict or two in here, who'd know the difference?"
    (Beagle's dialogue)
  11. The Courier: "What are you doing in here?"
    Bealge: "Well, a deputy isn't much good without a sheriff. So I figured I'd come in here and protect these good people until someone finds us a new one.{cowardly and hesitant}"
    (Beagle's dialogue)
  12. The Courier: "What are you talking about? You're the sheriff now!"
    Beagle: "Oh no! I'm just the deputy. And I can't be a deputy without a sheriff. It's called chain of command!"
    (Beagle's dialogue)
  13. Beagle: "Well! That was quite a per-dicament you rescued me from, there in the Bison Steve. A most unpleasant experience. Going in alone to rescue a hostage! My brother-in-law was brave like that. Made a fine sheriff. Until the Powder Gangers killed him. Problem is, there's still no law in Primm. What're we to do the next time ruffians menace us and hold us hostage?"
    (Beagle's dialogue)
  14. The Courier: "What are the qualifications for a Sheriff?"
    Beagle: "It should be someone brave like you, but more of a homebody. Someone who'll settle down and watch over us. I heard the Powder Gangers talking about someone in the prison named Meyers who has some experience as a sheriff. He may be a good choice. Also with the NCR so close by, you may be able to get them to take over the town. Not sure why they haven't helped out already."
    (Beagle's dialogue)
  15. All endings of quest My Kind of Town lead to him no longer being the deputy.