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Battle of Arizona Spillway
FNV Arizona Spillway 2.png
The contested area
LocationArizona Spillway
ResultNCR repulsed from the eastern bank of the Colorado River
Involved parties
New California RepublicCaesar's Legion
NCR ArmyCaesar's Legion
Connected events
Part of:
NCR-Legion War
The Battle of Willow Beach
Fall of Nelson
Mojave Campaign

The Battle of Arizona Spillway was an engagement that took place after the First Battle of Hoover Dam.


The fall of Willow Beach at the Colorado River weakened the NCR's presence on the eastern banks, before the Arizona Spillway fell to Legion raiders. The Republic would not regain a presence on the eastern bank short of raids by troops and Rangers, effectively granting the Legion total control of lands east of the Colorado River.[1]


  1. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.372-376: "[3.33] Hoover Dam
    All of the Main Quest in Act III centers around this location, as do the Main Quests involving the visit of President Aaron Kimball. A stronghold of extreme strategic importance for centuries, this location has seen recent turmoil between major Faction too. A few years before current events, Caesar's Legion rolled in, led by ex-Mormon missionary Joshua Graham, Caesar's Legate. Not considering NCR's army to be a serious threat, Graham exercised somewhat lax control over the Legion. During the Battle of Hoover Dam, NCR Rangers and Sharpshooters from First Recon employed risky tactics against the Legion with the help of the enlisted Troopers, and despite horrific loss of life, Caesar's forces were pushed back, but not routed.
    The NCR has been holding the dam continuously since, and have fortified positions along the dam and up and down the west side of the Colorado River. Recently, the Legion pushed the NCR off of the east side of the river at the Battle of Willow Beach (which destroyed an NCR military camp) and the Battle of Arizona Spillway. Day to day military operations at the dam are under the command of Colonel Moore. While troopers are active here, there are also a large number of civilian contractors who are trying to keep the dam running. They are of a secondary concern to Moore, who is preparing from for an impending attack by Caesar and a visit by President Kimball."
    (Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition Tour of the Mojave Wasteland)