Battle Brew

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For the various forms of alcohol that appear in the Fallout series of games, see alcohol.
Battle Brew
Battle brew.png
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+40 max Action points for 20 seconds
+35 Damage resistance for 240 seconds
+50 Hit Points
-1 Intelligence for 240 seconds
+2 Strength for 20 seconds then
+1 Strength for 220 seconds
+10 Hit Points per second for 5s
+35 Dehydration or
-15 Dehydration (jsawyer.esp)
Addiction10% chance of alcohol addiction
Base IDxx01495e
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Gametitle-FNV OWB.png

Battle Brew is a consumable item in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Old World Blues.


Battle brew is a potent concoction made from vodka, mutated cave fungi, and salient green originally made by Big MT researcher Mori, who shared the drink with some other colleagues.[1] When Mori's supervisor Dr. Calis "threw a prohibitionist fit" about it to the other lead researchers, Mori had to move the still to the X-13 research facility's storage room.[2]


The mixture provides no Charisma bonus, but the drinker will be healed and be given greater resistance to injury. In addition, consuming battle brew applies a separate effect named "Red Mist", which lasts for twenty seconds and grants +40 max action points and an additional +1 Strength. In essence, battle brew acts like a combination of Med-X, jet and stimpaks.


Note: this item is also craftable via the Strange Still located in the X-13 research facility.


  • A strange cask can be found on a hill (outside the fence) just northwest of X-7b "Boom Town" target zone close to the Guns skill book recipe. Inside and on top of the cask are four bottles of battle brew.
  • A second strange cask containing three bottles is opposite the strange still in the X-13 research facility.
    • A bottle is lying on the forcefield in the ceiling of the same room. Shooting the forcefield with an upgraded sonic emitter will drop the battle brew into the room.