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Value$25 FalloutGametitle-FO1.png
$25 Fallout 2Gametitle-FO2.png
Prototype ID00000046
Message FilePRO ITEM.MSG

An average sized bag. Made from weaved brahmin hairs.

The bag is a miscellaneous item in Fallout and Fallout 2. There are two separate items in the game, but they are covered on a single page as they have the same functionality, price, and bugs.


The bag can store up to 20 pounds of gear and is a useful item for segregating the inventory.[1]



  • Katrina in Shady Sands has one.
  • Sold by a trader in the east part of Shady Sands.
  • Another one can be found inside Gizmo's Casino in Junktown, on a bookshelf in his personal room.
  • Sold by Killian Darkwater in Junktown.
  • One on a bookshelf in Jon Zimmerman's basement in Adytum.
  • A rare version of the bag can be found in the Los Angeles Vault, on the top floor in a locker.
  • The wandering (random encounter) merchants Terrance and Julian carry the rare version of the bag.
  • Random encounters on the coast sectors.

Fallout 2

The only bag in the entire game is in Modoc's caves, in the bottom-left tip of the crescent formed by the rat's nest. It requires pinpoint accuracy to tag and obtain.


  • Bags are generally heavily bugged and should not be used; for instance, a bag containing a quest item that's supposed to be removed from the inventory by a script will prevent the item from being removed.


  1. Fallout Official Survival Guide p.122: "Bag: A simple bag made from Brahmin hide, for storing up to 20 pounds of ammo or other loose items."