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Paladin Bael
Fo3 Bael.png
Biography and appearance
RaceHuman, Caucasian
Hair StyleBlast BackHair ColorBrown
Eye ColorDefault
AffiliationLyons' Brotherhood of Steel
RoleGate guard, warrior
Dialogue FileBael's dialogue
QuestsThe Waters of Life
assistanceHelps Friends and Allies
SPECIALStrength: 5
Perception: 5
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 5
Luck: 5
Derived StatsHit Points: 70→95→125
Damage Resistance: 40%
Tag SkillsBrotherhood of Steel Knight
Big Guns: 44→57→74
Melee Weapons: 48→61→78
Small Guns: 40→53→70
Editor RaceCaucasian
Editor IDPaladinBael
Base ID000b875bRef ID0008de18
Editor FactionsCitadelResidentFaction
ActorPete Papageorge
Special Head GearEyebrowM

No Super Mutants, civilians or traveling salesmen allowed. Which are you?

Paladin Bael is a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin tasked with manning the entrance to the Citadel in Fallout 3. He disappears once Broken Steel starts.


A veteran Brotherhood warrior whose skill in combat outstrips his skill in diplomacy (which once nearly caused a fight with a Megaton resident), Bael is tasked with filtering any visitors to the Citadel. In recent times, this means any and all people who are not members of the Brotherhood.[1][2][3] This suits him just fine, as he views "civilians" with contempt. His bad attitude is certainly as much of a gate to the Citadel as the giant hunk of metal behind him.[4]

Daily schedule

Bael stands at the Citadel's gate guarding it until Take it Back! is completed.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

Perk nociception regulator.png
This character is essential. Essential characters cannot be killed.
Icon severed ear.png
This character drops an ear when killed (Contract Killer).
Perk empathy synthesizer.png
This character is involved in quests.


  • The Waters of Life: Bael tries to deny entrance to the Lone Wanderer and the rest of the refugees from Project Purity until Li appeals to Lyons directly.


Icon armored vault suit.png
Power armor
Assault carbine icon.png
CZ53 personal minigun
Icon briefcase.png
Carried items
Brotherhood of Steel holotag
Icon male severed head.png
Drops on death


Paladin Bael appears only in Fallout 3.


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.89: "Paladin Bael
    Bael is a worthy fighter, but he hasn't mastered the fine art of conversation, a shortfall that almost led to an altercation with a Megaton resident. Still, his a commanding presence ensures that undesirables stay well away from the entrance gates."
    (Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census)
  2. The Lone Wanderer: "Can I come in?"
    Bael: "Negative. No Super Mutants, civilians or traveling salesmen allowed. Which are you?"
    (Bael's dialogue)
  3. The Lone Wanderer: "I can come in now... right?"
    Bael: "That's an affirmative. You're clear to enter. But I still don't like it. Or you."
    (Bael's dialogue)
  4. The Lone Wanderer: "What can you tell me about the Brotherhood of Steel?"
    Bael: "I can see you're trying to appeal to my good nature. Pity for you I don't have one. I'll give you this one for free -- we use our big guns to kill big Super Mutants, so people like you can sleep at night."
    (Bael's dialogue)