Back to Basic

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Back to Basic
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Quest data
LocationWhitespring Congressional BunkerCamp McClintock
Editor IDEN05_Basic
Base ID0008c87f
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leads to:
Officer on Deck

Back to Basic is a quest in Fallout 76.


The dweller has joined the enclave, but are they ready for a tour of duty under the Enclave's banner? If so, there's the little issue of gaining military clearance...


  • The bunker has a military wing, but it requires some additional clearances. The first step to gaining access to the Military Wing command center is completing the training regimen at Camp McClintock. Looks like it's time to enlist.
  • After arriving at the Camp and talking to the robotic Master Sergeant, the player has to track down and don a set of military fatigues and an Army helmet or find "Uniform Voucher." The former can be found in military locations in Appalachia, the former inside the facility's barracks, where one of the cadets left theirs behind. The voucher allows the player to talk to the Quartermaster and receive an uniform. With one in hand, the Quartermaster will direct the player to complete the three courses- Marksmanship, Agility, and Patriotism.
  • The game only checks whether the player has equipped a compatible uniform. The following are accepted:

Marksmanship Course

  • For this course, the player has to shoot all the targets before time runs out. Time to lock and load!

Agility Course

  • For this course, the player has to press a series of buttons in order before time runs out.

Patriotism Training

  • For this course, the player has to figure out which of the three boys might be a Communist sympathizer and provide evidence.
  • There are three boys: Jianjun, Jimmy, and Topher. To gather evidence, the player has to first interrogate all three boys, then find Jimmy's diary in order to learn of his fondness for FDR. This allows the player to access Jimmy's computer and find out that he plans to organize a protest among the local miners - a telltale sign of communal thinking.
  • This evidence allows the player to accuse Jimmy and pass the course.

Live Fire Training Exercise

  • Once the first set of courses is complete, the player has to wrap up the final piece of training - the Live Fire exercise. Stims and armor are recommended, as the (repeatable) quest has the players facing off against three waves of communist bots (Bolshevik Mecha-Collectivists in other words).
  • Afterwards, the player has to report to the Master Sergeant to complete their graduation. Successfully graduating the training program at Camp McClintock makes the player a bonafide member of the US military and allows them to be integrated into the bunker's promotion system, granting access to the military wing.

Quest stages

- Collect your uniform
- Present yourself to the Master Sergeant
- Complete the Marksmanship training course
- Complete the Agility training course
- Complete the Patriotism training course
-Quest finishedComplete the Live Fire exercise