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This is a lore summary, presenting intradiegetic or in-universe information about the subject. For game characteristics and similar data, consult the table on the right.
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An axe is an implement with many uses, such as a tool or a weapon.


Auto axe

AutoAxeRender copy.png
Gameplay article:

Jury-rigged together from a chainsaw and old car parts the breakers bring in from the city, the auto axe is a gas-operated steel cutter. While used to cut steel for construction projects of The Pitt, auto axes were designed by Marco, a slave engineer in The Pitt, for combat through and through.[1][2]


Gameplay article:

A felling axe with a long wood handle and a one sided steel head that's intended to be used to cut down trees but is instead used by the inhabitants of Point Lookout on any tourists they find.

Fire axe

Gameplay articles:

Primarily used by fire fighters before the Great War, the axe is now often used by raiders and prospectors alike for its durability. Because of its use by fire fighters, the head is painted a bright red and has a pick opposite the blade. The haft of the axe is covered in a synthetic grip past the throat for better handling.

Grognak's axe

Gameplay article:

This pre-War artifact may be a mere replica of Grognak the Barbarian's iconic weapon, but it is still surprisingly effective in the right hands. The double bladed battle axe has a solid metal haft with a grip made of leather straps, and is hefty enough that two hands are required to swing it accurately.



Hatchets are weighted hand-axes with a simple wooden or rubber-gripped metal handle, used for chopping wood and limbs alike. Unlike throwing hatchets, these are not balanced for use as a projectile weapon.

Proton axe

Gameplay article:

The proton axe was developed by Big MT to fit into the new trench warfare niche, alongside power fists and super sledgehammers.


Gameplay article:

Fashioned from PVC pipe, two rusted railroad spikes and stretch cord, the tomahawk is an improvised weapon used by many of the Utah tribes, such as the White Legs and Dead Horses.

Throwing hatchet

Gameplay article:

Smaller than the regular hatchet, the throwing hatchet has a shaft crafted entirely from wood for lighter weight and easier throwing. The head is thinner than on the regular hatchet, with a relatively wide blade.

Axe handle

Tactics axe handle.png
Gameplay article:

Only the handle of a hand axe. While not quite as effective as it would be if it had the axe head still attached, it's still a decent blunt weapon.


  1. The Lone Wanderer: "I guess you're right. What are you working on?"
    Marco: "Weapons. Lot's of 'em. There's something coming... and soon. So, I take the crap we find out in the yard and some of the tools we use, and I make them into stuff we can fight the bosses with."
    (Marco's dialogue (The Pitt))
  2. The Lone Wanderer: "I need a weapon. Can you help me out?"
    Marco: "Yeah... you're the one Midea told me about. Wernher sent you, right? I can help you out. Take this. It's called an Auto Axe. Nice, huh? I make 'em out of the old car parts the breakers drag in from the city. Do what you can with it, just be careful around the bosses. Make a wrong move and you're done."
    (Marco's dialogue (The Pitt))