Avery (Far Harbor)

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Captain Avery
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Biography and appearance
RaceSynth, 3rd Gen
AffiliationFar Harbor
RoleHarbor leader
LocationFar Harbor
Dialogue FileAvery's dialogue (Far Harbor)
QuestsWalk in the Park
The Way Life Should Be
The Great Hunt
Editor RaceRaceHuman
Editor IDDLC03CaptainAvery
Base IDxx005c80Ref IDxx005c82

In my grandma's time, Harbormen tamed the whole island. Every nook and cranny of it.

Captain Avery is the leader of Far Harbor in 2287.


The rugged, capable Captain Avery is the informal leader of the small community at Far Harbor. She has lived on the island her whole life and has more than one story to tell about it. She has seen the fog grow thicker and thicker, until islanders were driven to the shores - or rather, a shore: Mariner's small dock, which eventually became the Far Harbor as most know it. Avery has been helping out ever since, becoming a pillar of the community.

Unfortunately, this did not last for long, as Avery became the target of DiMA. As a way to link Acadia and Far Harbor together, the human Avery was killed and replaced by a synth -- a synth who could welcome other artificial humans who journeyed to the island without fear of ostracization.[1]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.

Walk in the Park
The Way Life Should Be
The Great Hunt


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Black vest and slacks
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Carried items
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Drops on death


Captain Avery appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.