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Atomic Wrangler Casino
FNV Atomic Wrangler Exterior.png
Icon building.png
Map MarkerNone (nearest: The Strip North Gate)
Part ofFreeside
OwnersFrancine Garret
James Garret
QuestsDebt Collector
Talent Pool
Wang Dang Atomic Tango
Big Winner, Atomic Wrangler
Friend of the Followers
Long-Term Care
Cell NameFreesideAtomicWrangler
FreesideAtomicWranglerRoom (room)
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00159954 (room)

Hungry? Thirsty? Horny? The Atomic Wrangler has got you covered!

Atomic Wrangler crier, Fallout: New Vegas

The Atomic Wrangler Casino is a casino in Freeside. Located on the opposite side of the street to the Silver Rush, it is a smaller less elegant décor casino than the ones on New Vegas Strip, with fewer casino tables and services.


The Atomic Wrangler Casino is the closest one can get to a New Vegas casino without having to actually get into New Vegas. For many caravaneers and poor NCR citizens, the Atomic Wrangler is their vacation to New Vegas; the locale is also a common hangout for Kings gang members and Van Graff employees. The casino also offers rooms, prostitutes and chems for more "adventurous" patrons.[1]

The casino is run by the Garret twins, Francine and James, who are willing to help a good cause as long as they get a better side of the deal. They are business people after all.[2] The casino can get a little loud during the night, but the drunks and chem heads that come from the casino generate lots of business for the surrounding locales.[3][4]


Bottom level

The main room has a vaulted ceiling, a stage, and a bar. The next room has the casino's cashier and casino games. To the right through the second room are the bathrooms and a stair case to the second story balconies.

Behind the bar is a kitchen and storeroom accessible via a door around the corner near the bathroom with a very hard lock. The key to this door is held by both Francine Garret and James Garret, but it seems to be hanging open fairly often, perhaps because one of the Garrets forgets to close it when heading upstairs to their room.

Though not technically considered notable loot, the storage room / kitchen area behind the bar contains a significant amount of common items of moderate value, such as various alcoholic beverages. Hardcore players may also note a high number of fresh apples, pears, and carrots (at least a half-dozen each), as well as a weapons locker and medicine locker, both containing many useful items accordingly. It is fairly easy to come in from the back door and steal what you like without getting caught (the open door leading to the area behind the bar can be shut to aid your theft without James Garret becoming hostile).

Second level

This level has a balcony which oversees the stage and bar. Off the balcony are three rooms; Also, there is an additional room that is the Atomic Wrangler player house (After they've completed the Debt Collector quest), all of which are unlocked (Exception for the player house, which the player can gain access to it by completing the Debt Collector quest). In the east corner of the balcony lies a rentable room. Stairways lead back down and up to the third level.

Third level

This level has the Garrets' room and rooms for the employees, through a door with an average (50) lock which can be opened with the same key held by the Garrets. There are 5 Wrangler guards here (sometimes they will be sleeping), they will not become hostile but will tell the player to leave and follow them around until they leave the area. To the right will be a hub to other rooms, which there are 2 bathrooms, they are directly across of each other, there are some first aid box in the bathrooms, and mostly contain some stimpaks, RadAway and useful medical items, and 2 medical cabinets in the bathroom that contains useful medical items. There are 2 sleeping areas with personal footlockers with very low-rewarding loot. What is worth looting is the items in the file cabinets room, when you enter the room just keep heading right, up ahead, you will see a room with a lot of file cabinets, it contains metal crates, a cabinet and a gun cabinet, that usually spawn laser rifles, laser pistols and a good amount of energy ammunition.

Corner room

On the second level there is a door that leads to the player room, which they player can gain access to once they've completed the Debt Collector quest. The room is a small room, with torn wallpapers, it has 4 medium-sized white plant pots, 6 ceiling lamps (which only 3 work, the rest are broken), a queen sized bed and some shelves that stores some small scorched book, a big painting frame that has only little bits of a torn painting and 2 desks. This room used to be owned by Caleb McCaffery. You kill Caleb in Debt Collector or convince him to give you his hat (as required as proof of his death) and let him go free. The player can ONLY sleep here, oddly, taking any items here will consider as theft and the player will lose karma, and the drawers here are marked as owned, so it is not recommended to store items here. Alternatively, you can place items on shelves where they will be safe.


The gambling tables

  • The Atomic Wrangler offers Blackjack, Roulette, and Slots.
  • The Atomic Wrangler pays 6:5 on blackjack, and the dealer must hit a soft 17.
Rewards and Ban

As the player earns chips, the casino offers increasing gifts:

After the player earns 5,000+ chips, they will be banned from playing games in the Atomic Wrangler Casino. They can still use its other functions, like the bar and the services of the prostitutes (if the Wang Dang Atomic Tango quest has been completed), but they cannot win any more money. This ban is permanent. If the player breaks the house limit before getting any comp gifts (by getting a large win) they will not receive any comps they have missed. As there is no floor manager, the casino comp gifts are awarded directly to the player upon reaching each winning milestone, and play is still interrupted by the character being forced out of whatever game they were playing.


After Wang Dang Atomic Tango quest:

Icon cut content.pngThe following is based on Fallout New Vegas cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Originally escorts were supposed to appear here. They would have been both male and female and wearing sexy sleepwear, but were scrapped in favor of the Wang Dang Atomic Tango quest.

Icon cut content.pngEnd of information based on Fallout New Vegas cut content.

Notable loot

Related quests


  • Despite Atomic Wrangler's reputation as a free-swinging brothel, dialogue options with Francine Garret that would suggest the same and sex-noises coming through the walls of most rooms, there seem to be no prostitutes in the casino beyond ones the player recruits in the Wang Dang Atomic Tango quest. After you finish that quest you can have sex with either ghoul cowgirl Beatrix Russell, Santiago/Old Ben (depending on your decision during the quest), or the sex-bot Fisto.
  • Like all the other casinos in the game, the amount of money kept in the cashier's office is surprisingly small. Robbing the cashier nets (randomly) a few dozen pre-War money and around a hundred caps. (Francine Garret will carry the key for the cashier's office)
  • The Atomic Wrangler Casino doesn't have a table manager like the other casinos. When you reach a money target while you are gambling, a Jackpot sound will be heard and you automatically win the prize you should get.
  • Once you have recruited Fisto in Wang Dang Atomic Tango you can kill him for an easy 25xp without anyone in the casino becoming hostile. (Not confirmed, may have been Hidden at the time)
  • When you exit from dialogue with Fisto he will actually give you 10 bottlecaps. You can keep repeating this for as long as you like, which essentially means his services are free since you can pay him 10 caps for the service and talk to him after, when he will give you 10 caps.
  • The Window outside the Casino questions if they had window prostitution in pre-War times.

Behind the scenes

  • The logo of the Atomic Wrangler is a reference to a scene in the film Dr. Strangelove in which Major T. J. "King" Kong rides a falling nuclear bomb like a rodeo cowboy.
  • There is a blank dialogue topic entitled "VFSDealerBlackWidow". This would presumably let you charm the Wrangler's card dealers as a female character to perhaps rig the game in your favor?
  • Originally there were male and female generic prostitutes in the Atomic Wrangler (VFSAtomicWranglerEscort and VFSAtomicWranglerEscort3). It seems at some point it was decided it would be more interesting for the player to have to find the escorts to work in there, and they were removed in favor of those recruited in 'Wang Dang Atomic Tango'. VFSAtomicWranglerEscort3 has the beginnings of a very basic script to handle them "working", but nothing else happens. They also have no dialogue at all.
  • Caleb McCaffrey has unused AI packages for behavior before he gets in trouble with the Garrets. In particular he would sleep in the player's room at the Atomic Wrangler.


  • PCIcon pc.png Once you enter the Atomic Wrangler your sound may bug out and even if you leave you will still hear the sounds of the casino's patrons in the background.
  • PCIcon pc.png Once you enter the Atomic Wrangler you may encounter a large frame rate drop. If this happens turning around and facing the door has been known to stop it, however running around backwards can get quite irritating.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png PCIcon pc.png A bug can occur where you will not be able to enter the atomic wrangler, clearing cache does not work. The black screen permanent crash can be fixed if you wear 'Caleb McCaffery's Hat' before entering the atomic wrangler.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png After completing the quest "Wang Dang Atomic Tango", if you acquired Santiago and Old Ben, both will show up at the Wrangler. You can only solicit Santiago's services, Ben will just sit at the counter. If you open a dialogue with Ben, you cannot ask for his services, but you can go through the initial quest dialogue with him. You have the option of telling him that James Garret is looking for someone to work for him, and if you have the "Black Widow" perk you will be able to pass speech checks repeatedly for +35 XP each time PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png confirmed only.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Sometimes you may not receive the 'prize' for winning chips from the slot machine, even after exceeding the limit (ex: 1250 chips) [Feb. 19, 2011]
  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png If you're given the free room in the wrangler, prostitutes will not visit the player there, and you cannot purchase a room for them to visit. (Santiago and Fisto work in This bug seems specific to Beatrix Russell. Additionally, Old Ben can never be hired).
  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Once the player enters the Atomic Wrangler, all non-player character's within the building may automatically become hostile.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Entering the Garrets room upstairs can cause the game to freeze on the loading screen
  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Once you recruited Fisto to work with the Garrets, you can talk with him and he will offer you his services for 10 caps. if you refuse, you will be awarded 10 caps. You can do this whenever you want and get as many caps as you want. (Confirmed on the patch
  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Entering a room upstairs, you might find yourself locked in the room. You cannot pick the lock, as when attempting to open the door, it says it cannot be lock picked and you must use a key. No patch is known yet to fix this, so every time you enter The Atomic Wrangler, it is highly suggested you save your game upon entering.
  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png If Beatrix Russell is hired she will never show up at your room and you cannot re-hire her again.
  • PCIcon pc.png Most of the guards in The Atomic Wrangler don't seem to "see" the player. The player will often remain "hidden", even while in plain sight of the guards. This seems especially consistent with the guards that run up when you are in an area that you shouldn't be.
  • PCIcon pc.png All of the gamblers, the card dealer, and the roulette dealer in the blackjack and roulette area can be killed without causing anyone else to go red, and without any faction penalty, as long as they are killed with a silenced weapon from behind and the player is crouching. This is the case even if the guards and cashier are all watching, and regardless of if the player is "hidden". A karma penalty will still result.



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