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Astoundingly Awesome Tales
Editor IDPerkMagAstoundinglyAwesomeTales01 to PerkMagAstoundinglyAwesomeTales14
Base ID0016969f (issue 1)

001696a7 (issue 2)
001696a0 (issue 3)
0016969d (issue 4)
001696a2 (issue 5)
0016969a (issue 6)
001696a1 (issue 7)
0016969c (issue 8)
001696a5 (issue 9)
0016969e (issue 10)
0016969b (issue 11)
001696a6 (issue 12)
001696a3 (issue 13)

001696a4 (issue 14)

Every issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales you collect adds a version of the Astoundingly Awesome perk, which grants a unique bonus, like more damage inflicted at night or improved radiation resistance.

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Astoundingly Awesome Tales is a perk magazine in Fallout 4.


The Astoundingly Awesome Tales has 14 editions, and all of them have unique effects.


Edition Location Effect Location description
AwesomeTales MBAI.png
My Brain and I
Boston mayoral shelter Regenerate 1 point of health per minute. Bedroom in the lower level - Southwest Corner on small table
AwesomeTales AMM.png
Attack of the Metal Men
Dunwich Borers Take 5% less damage from robots. At the bottom of "the pit" below Station 3, on the armor workbench.
AwesomeTales RR.png
Rise of the Radiated
East Boston Preparatory School RadAway heals +5% radiation damage. On a desk in the computer room, top floor, southeast corner.
AwesomeTales IZ.png
Invasion of the Zetans
Hubris Comics +5% damage with the alien blaster Top floor, in the restroom on a table, near the steamer trunk.
AwesomeTales MRR.png
The Mad Russian's Revenge
Pickman Gallery Gain +5 Poison Resistance. To the right of the steamer trunk in the last tunnel chamber, near Pickman.
AwesomeTales GAPC.png
A Gorilla Ate My Patrol Car
Railroad HQ Do +5% damage with the Cryolator. On a metal desk in the brick crypt area, west area of the room.
AwesomeTales GII.png
Giant Insects Invade
Sentinel site Gain +5 Radiation Resistance. In the metal hut, at the very end of the tunnels, overlooking the stockpile chamber.
AwesomeTales HDWT.png
Have Dog, Will Travel
The Institute Your canine companion permanently takes 10% less damage. On the triangular table of the outside balcony, accessed via Holdren’s quarters. North of atrium.
AwesomeTales RM.png
Rise of the Mutants!
Trinity Plaza Do +5% damage against Super Mutants. On the lecturn, by the steamer trunk at the east side of the church interior.
AwesomeTales TMWCST.png
The Man Who Could Stop Time
Vault 114 Gain +5 Action Points. In the living quarters area, on a container in the blocked corridor, under the “Laundry” sign.
AwesomeTales SSS.png
Sinister Seafood Strikes!!
Outpost Zimonja Do +5% damage at night. On the workshop.
AwesomeTales AF.png
Attack of the Fishmen
Skylanes flight 1981 Do +5% damage against Mirelurks. On the restroom toilet below the cockpit.
AwesomeTales CB.png
Curse of the Burned!
Crater of Atom Do +5% damage against Ghouls. Top floor of the central metal shack built into the northern rocks.
AwesomeTales SS.png
The Starlet Sniper
Coast Guard Pier Do +5% damage with scoped weapons. On the toilet inside the locked cell by the secured storage room.