Associated Miners Union

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Associated Miners Union
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TypeLabor union
Notable MembersJacob Hargraves

The Associated Miner's Union's goals are simple. Ultracite has given this plant a new lease on life, and that good fortune should be spread to Poseidon Energy's loyal employees.

Automating away all our jobs is more than just sowing discontent, it's bad for business to throw away all our collective years of experience. The whole of Appalachia can't produce energy without people, no matter what the robot manufacturers say to the contrary.

Associated Miners Union was a labor union organizing miners and workers from related industries in Appalachia. The Union supported the employee walkout at Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06, when the ultracite conversion and automation led to widespread dismissals, and set up a tent city outside the power plant's doors. The AMU's support for the strike ended in tragedy when Poseidon Energy called in favors and used the National Guard and HalluciGen's riot gas to try and bust the union by provoking an attack by them.[1]

The Union's steward, Jacob Hargraves, committed suicide when he realized what was happening, just as the gas caused his fellow union members to rush the military barricade, triggering a chain of events that culminated in tragedy and widespread loss of life.[2]


Associated Miners Union is mentioned in Fallout 76.


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