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Assault rifle
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Assault rifle is a weapon in Fallout Shelter. There are six variations of this weapon, including a unique legendary Assault rifle.


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Manufactured by civilian defense contractor Stent Security Solutions, the R91 assault rifle is a conventional design chambered for 5.56mm ammunition. Employing a roller delayed blowback system, it is a very sturdy design, with simple iron sights that consist of a rotary rear drum and hooded front post, a fire selector switch with three settings (safe, fully automatic fire, single shot), and a flash suppressor. The final touch is the wooden stock and handguard.[1][2]

The R91 was manufactured by Stent as part of its R series, superseding the manufacturer's own M series of combat assault rifles in the early 21st century. While other models and variants were developed, the R91's combination of ruggedness, firepower, and low manufacturing costs resulted in its adoption as an assault rifle of the National Guard and issuance to troops on the Anchorage front.[2][3]

The number of working units is particularly high in the Capital Wasteland, as the National Guard units deployed there used it widely. It remains a popular sight among the inhabitants of the region, particularly slavers and raiders, though it is also available for purchase from traders and weapon dealers.[2]

List of variants

Variant name Rarity Damage Description
Rusty Rare 8 It jams every now and then, but so what? Still great.
Assault rifle Rare 8-9 Fully automatic, and most perfect for most combat situation.
Enhanced Rare 8-10 The kind of gun that wins a soldier the war.
Hardened Rare 8-11 Perfect for a merc who wants one gun for any situation, forever.
Armor piercing Rare 8-12 This thing can punch though Power Armor like it's paper.
Infiltrator| Legendary 8-13 Get in, get out, and leave a pile of corpses in your wake.



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