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Ashton missile silo
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Ashton Silo Control Station)
Cell NameNVDLC04Silo02 (silo)
NVDLC04Silo02Elevator (elevator)
ref idxx0028ae (silo)
xx0031be (elevator)
TerminalsAshton missile silo terminals
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The Ashton Missile Silo is a location in the Divide.


Initially, the missile silo is reached by descending a transport lift to the underground bunker. The lift is crawling with tunnelers that drop from the ceiling. On the way, you must survive an attack by a large group of tunnelers. Upon subsequent visits, the lift sequence is skipped, placing you in the main entrance immediately.

The lift exits into a small control room with a desk and computer equipment. There is a stairway to the left leading downwards, and two doors straight ahead and to the right. The right hand door leads you to the Level 1 launch deck, which is very discernible from the massive hole in the ground, scorched ground and smoldering rubble. There is a floor safe in this rubble opposite the staircase.

The door straight ahead leads into the Level 1 corridor which has assorted office spaces through the hall. In the second room, there is a small room with an Auto-Doc and a commissary terminal inside. The end of this hall meets with the launch site through the door on the right. Following the catwalk around the Level 1 launch deck leads to a room accessible only by hacking the terminal next to the blast door (Science 75). Past this room is another door that leads back to the corridor noted above.

From the control room, going down the staircase leads to the Level 2 launch deck catwalk, with a locked storeroom (Lockpick 50) and a staircase which leads down to the remains of Level 3. Going down into the blast crater left by the launched missile leads to an encounter with more tunnelers, before reaching the silo exit to Sunstone Tower.

Notable loot

  • An eyebot upgrade circuit board is found inside the locked room along the catwalk from the Level 1 launch deck. To get there, stay on Level 1 and go through the medical area. Go through the rear door of the medical area, and turn right. The locked terminal (Science 75) is to the side of the metal door. The circuit board is found in a destroyed eyebot.
  • A Big Book of Science is in the north corner of the wreckage of the Level 3 launch deck after the missile launch, just past a locked safe (Lockpick 75). The book is to the left when facing the safe. The easiest way to find this is to jump down from the catwalk just after you enter the silo on Level 2.


The Ashton Missile Silo appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.