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Arnold Wabash
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Biography and appearance
AffiliationUnited States Navy
RoleSubmarine staff
LocationMount Desert Island
Mount Desert Island Naval Base
Harbor Grand Hotel
Dialogue FileArnold Wabash's dialogue
Mentioned inFar Harbor
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Captain Arnold Wabash was the commander of USS Democracy, a nuclear ballistic missile submarine stationed at Mount Desert Island.


The Democracy was part of a secret plan created by the U.S. naval command, targeting Chinese operations in the South China Sea.[1] Although Captain Wabash had reservations about the plan, Admiral Edward Grath, his commanding officer, ordered him to accelerate repairs on the Democracy, as, quote, the Reds would do as bad or worse if given the chance, unquote.[2]

Before repair could be completed, however, the Democracy's nuclear reactor developed a containment leak. Its crew and captain were recalled while hazmat teams worked around the clock to clean the facility and make the submarine usable again. However, the process would take weeks to complete. Admiral Grath suspected foul play and informed Captain Wabash that he would file the court martial personally if he was responsible.[3] He was correct: Wabash refused to be party to the nuclear holocaust and actively sabotaged Democracy's deployment, going as far as securing an escape route for himself and his lover, Franny Richardson.[4]

However, before the investigation could be carried out, the Great War struck. Stuck in dry dock, the Democracy played no role in the ensuing exchange. After Admiral Grath reestablished communications with the naval base at Mount Desert Island, it turned out that Captain Wabash disappeared a week before, as the bombs dropped. Grath considered this to be an act of treason, believing that the submarine could've played a role in disabling Chinese nuclear capability, potentially saving New York, Washington, or Boston. He vowed to find Wabash and kill him. Although he was correct in his assessment, he would never have his revenge.[5]

The Captain absconded with the submarine launch key on October 23, 2077. He stashed the nuclear launch key at Fringe Cove docks, then hid inside the safe room at Harbor Grand Hotel, together with Franny. Unfortunately, Franny was actually a Chinese operative. She forced Wabash to divulge the location of the key at gun point. However, he had the last laugh: He shot her in the back three times when she turned around to try and open the safe room. Captain Wabash never left it, preferring to die on his own terms.[6]


Arnold Wabash is mentioned only (and his body appears) in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


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