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For an overview of the various Vault jumpsuits throughout the Fallout series, see Vault jumpsuit.
Armored Vault 101 jumpsuit
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DR12Item HP100
EffectsEnergy Weapons +5
Small Guns +5
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Armored Vault 101 jumpsuit is a piece of armor in Fallout 3.


Main article: Vault jumpsuit

A rugged jumpsuit variant designed for heavy use among Vault-Tec machinery and infrastructure. Rather than extruded rubber, the suit uses a combination of denim - a quintessentially American material - and natural leather,[1][2][3] combined to create a particularly rugged piece of equipment. The suit is less form fitting than other jumpsuit variants, but provides a good deal of comfort. Like other versions, it's a single-piece uniform, with a zipper down the front, leather armguards, and spacious pockets on the waist and thighs. Reinforced elbows and knees give it extra durability under heavy use, with the interface port over the left breast used for a variety of purposes. Depending on the job assignment, the jumpsuit is designed to accommodate a variety of belts, including simple leather bands for children, rugged multi-purpose belts for general use, and specialized equipment for utility, lab, and security work.[4][5]

This particular jumpsuit has been modified by Moira Brown with several armored place and leather padding, as a favor to a Vault 101 escapee who reached Megaton sometime between 2265 and 2267. The dweller never returned to collect her suit, leaving it hanging in Moira's shop.[6]

Moira modified the suit by reinforcing the shoulders with a sewn-on leather pad and a shoulder guard, held together by leather straps going across the chest. The standard Vault-Tec multipurpose belt was replaced with a leather one crafted from wasteland materials that includes four carry pouches and leather pads protecting the lower abdomen. Finally, there's a leather holster on the right thigh and a leather knee pad, to reduce wear when kneeling and protect against injury.


Its damage resistance, weight, and durablity are identical to Vault 101 security armor, but the armored Vault jumpsuit also features a +5 bonus to Energy Weapons and Small Guns.


  • Megaton, Craterside Supply: The player can purchase it for ~180 bottle caps or receive it for free in exchange for telling Moira what life was like in Vault 101 for the Wasteland Survival Guide. It can also be stolen, but the script that handles the display does not cause a karma penalty.

Behind the scenes

  • The armored jumpsuit is displayed like the Vault Dweller's jumpsuit in Fallout 2. The suit is also ostensibly the default wear of the Lone Wanderer, found in promotional materials and endgame videos.



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    Overall, the vault suit seems to represent an Everyman/Everywoman uniform of conformity, and a blank canvas for accessorizing once the wearer had escaped into the harsh environment of the wasteland. Preserving the retro 50’s flavor seemed to support this, and I wanted the suit to feel at home in a classic 50’s sci-fi film like Forbidden Planet. The reinforced elbows and knees seemed to introduce a bit of that flair to the otherwise oppressively Orwellian environment."
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