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Armed For Bear
TaskKill any 15 named NCR Rangers or commissioned officers (Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, General) with machetes, Rippers, chainsaws, throwing spears, or ballistic fists.
Reward1000 XP
base idxx000a58
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Gametitle-FNV GRA.png

Armed For Bear is a three-star (★★★) challenge added by the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Gun Runners' Arsenal.


Kill any 15 named NCR Rangers or commissioned officers (Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, General) using a machete, Ripper, chainsaw, throwing spear, or ballistic fist.


Name Death Counts Towards Challenge? Base ID Ref ID Location
Captain Parker Yes 000f839a 000f83a3 Aerotech Office Park
Captain Gilles Yes 0012ac9e 00133044 Bitter Springs
Lieutenant Markland Yes 0012ac9f 00133043 Bitter Springs
Lieutenant Monroe Yes 0010c6dd 0010c6de Boulder City
Major Joseph Polatli Yes 00120dcc 00120dd7 Camp Forlorn Hope
Chief Hanlon Yes 00104310 00106d79 Camp Golf
Captain Ronald Curtis Yes 000e8994 000f6283 Camp McCarran
Colonel James Hsu Yes 000e8992 000eea78 Camp McCarran
Lieutenant Carrie Boyd Yes 000e8993 000f0678 Camp McCarran
Lieutenant Gorobets Yes 000f56fe 000f5711 Camp McCarran
Major Dhatri Yes 000f56f8 000f5712 Camp McCarran
Ranger Milo Yes 001300ed 001300f5 Camp Nelson
Major Elizabeth Kieran Yes 0010c764
Lieutenant Haggerty Yes 000e07d5 000e07db Helios One
Ranger Dobson Yes 000acd6b 000acd6b Hidden Valley
Colonel Cassandra Moore Yes 001206fc 001206fe Hoover Dam
Ranger Grant Yes 0013721e 0013721f Hoover Dam
General Lee Oliver Yes 001300a9 00134db4 Hoover Dam
Ranger Stevens Yes 00137acf 00137ad0 Hoover Dam
Major Knight Yes 0013d6a4 00140da7 Mojave Outpost
Ranger Ghost Yes 0013d6a2 00140dac Mojave Outpost
Ranger Jackson Yes 0013d6a1 00000000 Mojave Outpost
Lieutenant Romanowski Yes 000f05e2 00000000 NCR Sharecropper Farms
Captain Marie Pappas Yes 00112641 00116838 NCR Embassy
Ranger Andy Yes 0008f0ba 0008f0b8 Novac
Lieutenant Hayes Yes 000e2c94 00099cfe Primm
Ranger Rebecca Lineholm Yes 0011baee 0011baf0 Ranger Station Alpha
Comm Officer Castillo Yes 0010f700 0010f701 Ranger Station Alpha
Comm Officer Tilden Yes 00110d89 0015362b Ranger Station Bravo
Ranger Ericsen Yes 0011e4fc 0011e4fb Ranger Station Bravo
Comm Officer Stepinac Yes 0011324e 001271d7 Ranger Station Charlie
Comm Officer Scheffer Yes 00116b3f 001199a4 Ranger station Delta
Ranger Pason Yes 0011ebdd 0011ebdc Ranger station Delta
Comm Officer Green Yes 0011324d 001132ca Ranger Station Echo
Ranger Erasmus Yes 0011fb7c 0011fb7b Ranger Station Echo
Comm Officer Lenk Yes 00116b40 00152e90 Ranger Station Foxtrot
Ranger Kudlow Yes 00120183 0015362c Ranger Station Foxtrot
Bryce Anders Yes 000ef3aa 000ef3e9 Vault 3
Ranger Stella Yes 00137123 00137124 The Fort


  • NCR reputation will remain the same as long as kills are performed in sneak mode.
  • Tech Sergeant Reyes is not included in this challenge, as she is a non-commissioned officer.


  • When using throwing spears for a kill, be sure to have at least two. The game checks what weapon you are holding *after* the kill is made, if you throw your last spear it sees your attack as having been unarmed and does not count it towards the challenge.