Arktos Pharma Company

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Arktos Pharma Company
Arktos Pharma.png
Company data
IndustryResearch and Development (Biochemisty)
Key peopleNatalie Ingesson
CountryUnited States of America
LocationsArktos Pharma, Appalachia

Arktos Pharma was a biochemistry research and development corporation in the pre-War United States.


A bio-pharmaceutical research and development company, Arktos Pharma was testing a chemical formula under the designation: "Project Beanstalk" before the Great War. The project was designed to test 3 Arktos-developed chemical compounds on crop yields, spanning 20 crop fields in total, via Pharmabots, modified Mr. Handies.[1] Although initially successful to some degree, an accident rendered further results unsuccessful as full-time staff turned into interns and simple failures became explosive mishaps.[2] They were also responsible for creating the fungal infection that would later become the Scorched plague[3]. One researcher, Natalie Ingesson, continued to research what they had created until the Enclave commandeered it for use in their Scorchbeasts. The company also had a large subterranean automated research facility made up of three cavernous labs. Each of these labs encompassed their own biomes, providing opportunities to perform experiments on a wide variety of organisms. Research continued despite the destruction on the surface, and the robots who resided within the depths continued tirelessly to carry out the company’s directives, later gaining assistance from the Residents.[4]

Known facilities


  • Arktos means 'bears' in greek.