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Arktos Pharma
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Part ofThe Forest
  • Feral ghouls
  • Scorched
  • Other
    QuestsEvent: Project Paradise
  • White Collar theme
  • Clearable
  • Dungeon
  • Dungeon
  • The Forest location
  • Fast travel destination
  • Responder Eyebot spawn
  • Large loot scale
  • TerminalsArktos Pharma terminals

    Arktos Pharma is a location in Fallout 76.


    Headquarters of the Arktos Pharma Company, this elegant building housed the rare pre-War corporation that tried to harness biochemical sciences for the benefit of humanity, or at least not its detriment.

    Points of interest

    • The building is partially damaged. The ground level contains the main lobby, with a reception that contains a terminal and a locked safe. The stairwell to the east, behind a locked room, leads to the second floor, which contains the chemical laboratories (with several chemistry stations). In the east are the locker rooms and restrooms for the staff, together with another staircase to the upper floor and a plant research lab in the southwestern corner.
    • The basement can be accessed down the staircase opposite the plant research lab and includes the unloading dock in the western part of the area, complete with the location's steamer trunk, a protein sequencer, and a Protectron and maintenance area with weapons and armor workbenches.
    • The upper floors are partially damaged. The third floor contains the cargobot command center on the southern face, with the Vertibot dock in the northwestern corner (the locked room contains a power armor station and a power armor spawn).
    • The top floor contains the upper level of the cargobot command center, the animal testing labs in the southwestern corner, and the executive sector, with the CEO's office, meeting chamber, and conference room in the northeast. Notably, the upper level of the cargobot command center includes another steamer trunk.
    • The underground section has been made accessible with the 9.5 patch and can be reached by simply entering the right-hand elevator behind the reception desc. It's recommended for Level 50+ characters, as Event: Project Paradise that occurs there is a top level event that requires plenty of firepower to survive. The underground habitats are organized around a central, multi-tiered hub that houses the central feeder pump and the governing intelligence that carries the project out.
    • There are three habitats, A (Forest), B (Tundra), and C (Swamp). Each contains a feeder pump and offers an open space with several turrets, natural obstacles, and robot caretakers. These are typically top-level enemies, so plan accordingly. The security door located in the lower level utility area leads to the generator and laboratory room, and requires the player to collect three code fragments (Biome Lab: Code Fragment A, B, and C) or simply typing the following number in: 970930.

    Notable loot

    • Random: Protein Sequencing Chamber, on the floor between one of the Protein Sequencer Terminals and collection chamber.
    Plans and recipes
    • Chemistry Workbench: Animal Laboratory, on a metal shelf next to a cage. [verified]
    • Random: Vertibot Dock, on the table next to the Tinkerer's Workbench on the upper floor of the room. [verified]
    • Random: Office Cubicles, on one of the desks. [needs verification]
    • Random: Cargobot Control Chamber. [needs verification]
    • Creature Attractant, Creature Deterrent, Growth Enhancer, and Growth Suppressor are all on a metal shelf in the Protein Sequencing Chamber.
    • Random: CEO's office, on the desk. [verified]
    • Random: Cargobot Control Chamber, on a curved desk next to a terminal. [needs verification]
    • Random: Loading Dock, on a wooden crate, on the top of the large rusting container shelf, under the fallen concrete ceiling. [needs verification]

    Power Armor

    Random: Vertibot Dock, behind a locked security gate. [needs verification]

    Fusion Cores

    • Random: Vertibot Dock, on a table next to the power armor station. [verified]
    Dynamic spawns


    Arktos Pharma appears in Fallout 76.