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Ark & Dove resting grounds
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The Ark & Dove resting grounds is a small graveyard northwest of the Ark & Dove Cathedral in Point Lookout. The graveyard is typically inhabited by packs of feral swamp ghouls.


The graveyard has a large bent metal fence encircling the area, with an opening in the front that acts as the entrance. There are broken grave stones strewn about the grounds, with feral swamp ghouls regularly patrolling the area. There is also a well that leads to the sea cave out in front.

Inside the graveyard, they are usually around 6-9 feral ghouls. Most of the time, there are 2-3 swamp ghouls, 1-2 regular feral ghouls, 1-2 roamers, a glowing one and, if Broken Steel is installed, 1-3 reavers may be there as well.


There are some smugglers that will spawn nearby, and they will often fight with the local graveyard ghouls.


The Ark & Dove resting grounds appear in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.