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Quest data
LocationThe Institute, Institute Advanced Systems
Given ByEvan Watson
Fusion cells (Persuasion)
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You make a lot of trips to the surface, right? Maybe you can help me out with something. The Brotherhood of Steel has developed some impressive technology, and I think we could learn some things from them. The best place to start would be to study their design schematics, assuming you can get your hands on some.

Evan Watson

Appropriation is a quest that can be obtained in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


The Institute is always looking for more technology and knowledge to add to their ever-expanding pool of data. Evan Watson asks the Sole Survivor to find a Brotherhood salvage team and steal schematics from them, so that the Institute can analyze them.


  • This is a repeatable quest given by Evan Watson at the Advanced Systems. Your goal is a randomly selected Brotherhood salvage team out in the wasteland.
  • To accomplish it, head out to the marked area on your map. The blueprints are hidden inside a duffel bag and protected by a squad of Brotherhood troopers (of varying level). If you're on positive terms with the Brotherhood, you can steal them right from under their noses. Otherwise, you need to fight them.
  • Return to Evan Watson to collect your reward: Experience (and a small amount of fusion cells with a Persuasion check).
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