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Apostles of the Holy Light
LeadershipMother Curie III
FoundedMother Curie III
Notable MembersBrother Gerard
Atom's Champion
Sun of Atom
HeadquartersHoly Light Monastery
Notable LocationsSpringvale
Relations and associations
Related EntitiesChurch of the Children of Atom
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Gametitle-FO3 BS.png

The Apostles of the Holy Light is an offshoot of the Church of the Children of Atom. This cult is practiced in the ruins of Springvale and is run by Mother Curie III.


Ever since Curie was a child she knew she was destined for something special. Being a humble person she would doubt this, until one day where she fell asleep during on of the Confessor's sermons. She dreamed that the Prophet of Atom Ablaze with Holy Light told her of her destiny, and called her to service.[1] One day while meditating in Springvale she was approached by four "armored angels" of Atom, when she mentioned she was from Megaton they gave her barrels of Aqua Pura and told her, very clearly, to share it with her people. She took this as a message, to "bless" the water and share it with the world.[2]

The Apostles of the Holy Light was created in 2278 by Mother Curie III, a former Children of Atom member, though unlike the Children, they actively irradiate themselves. Brother Gerard guards the surface access to their Holy Light Monastery.


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The Apostles of Holy Light left the Church of the Children of Atom because they do not believe in the Great Division. They believing not in creation through destruction, but that Atom calls them to teach Enlightenment through absorbing radiation. They believe that the C-23 Megaton is a Great Symbol of Atom and wish it to be left alone. Along with Confessor Cromwell to preach what they believe to be misguided massage to the "heathens".[3]


Interactions with the player character

You will learn of the cult after seeing a pamphlet on the door of your house in Megaton, if you ask a few of Megaton's inhabitants, or if you talk to Brother Gerard. It is interesting in the sense that if you make a deal with them or kill them, the pamphlet will still appear on your house door.

After killing them they will drop fingers, indicating that they are of evil karma.


The Apostles of the Holy Light only appear in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


  1. The Lone Wanderer: "What makes you so sure you're right, anyway? Who are you to speak for Atom?"
    Curie III: "I suppose it's a fair question... Ever since I was a girl, I knew I was destined for something special. I always resisted the feeling. Me? Special? But one day I fell asleep during one of the Confessor's sermons. And I had a dream. A dream of the Prophet of Atom. Ablaze with Holy Light! He/She told me of my destiny. Of my mission. I was called to service, and I answered. The only being able to convince me I was wrong, would be the Prophet of Atom himself/herself."
    (Curie III's dialogue)
  2. The Lone Wanderer: "How do you make your "holy water"?"
    Curie III: "It was a gift from Atom. I was meditating right here in Springvale, when four of His armored angels came to me. When I said I was from Megaton, they gave me barrels of "Aqua Pura," and said I should share it with my people. They were very clear on that. Naturally, I understood Atom's message. And so, I've been busy blessing this holy water and sharing it with the world."
    (Curie III's dialogue)
  3. The Lone Wanderer: "You'll see the true power of Atom when I detonate that bomb in Megaton."
    Curie III: "No! No you mustn't! We left Cromwell's church precisely because we DON'T believe in the Great Division. Atom calls us to reach Enlightenment through becoming one with his Glow. We believe in transformation - not destruction. Please, leave the Great Symbol of Atom alone. Let the Confessor preach his misguided message to the heathens. Join us here. Gain enlightenment."
    (Curie III's dialogue)