Anti-ghoul decree of 2282

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Anti-ghoul decree of 2282
LocationDiamond City, The Commonwealth
ResultRemoval and banishment of all ghouls from Diamond City
Involved parties
Diamond CityDiamond City ghoul residents
Mayor McDonough
Upper stands residents
Diamond City security?
Connected events
Part of:
Inauguration of Mayor McDonough
Broken Mask Incident
"I am not a synth" speech

The Anti-ghoul decree of 2282 was an executive order made by Mayor McDonough of Diamond City at his inauguration[1] to forcefully remove all ghouls that were living there.[2]


One of Mayor McDonough's campaign promises was the removal of the ghouls from Diamond City,[3] a move strongly supported by the upper stands residents. McDonough claims to have had no ill will against the ghouls, and that he only issued the decree because it was the will of the voters.[1]


  1. 1.0 1.1 The Sole Survivor: "How could they do something like that?"
    Hancock: "There'd always been a pretty big gulf between the folks living in the stands and folks down on the field. McDonough ran on it because he thought enough of those Upper Stands assholes would vote for him. Guess he was right. I remember storming into his office above the stands after the inauguration speech. He was just standing there, staring out the window, watching as the city turned on the Ghouls. He didn't even look at me, just said: "I did it, John. It's finally mine." Should have killed him right there, but I don't think it would have changed anything. Instead I pleaded with him, begged him to call it off. He said he couldn't. He had nothing against the Ghouls. He was just carrying out the will of the people. And he couldn't betray the voters. And then he smiled. That hideous, fucking mile-long smile. He never smiled like that when we were kids. I didn't even recognize him."
    (Hancock's dialogue)
  2. The Synthetic Truth: "There aren't many among us who are even old enough to remember that evening - although some of the city's Ghoul residents certainly could have, had they not been forcibly removed, thanks to Mayor McDonough's anti-Ghoul decree of 2282."
  3. McDonough: "Welcome, welcome. Good to see you again. I trust you've been sent by our mutual friend, Mister Ayo? I hope he's doing well."
    The Sole Survivor: "He's fine."
    McDonough: "I'm glad to hear it. There's a farm out there run entirely by Ghouls, if you can believe it. They might be a problem in the future. I ran on a campaign of strict "No Ghouls Allowed" politics. When you build up a scapegoat, you need them to remain distant and scary. But Ghoul settlements breed Ghoul sympathizers. Let our mutual friends know we might need to... give them a reason to be less friendly... The full details are in my report, along with some other points of interest. Here it is. Make sure that nobody sees this. Better you destroy it than let it fall into the wrong hands."
    (McDonough's dialogue)