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Androids, also called synthetic humanoids or synths, are synthetic organisms designed to look and behave like humans. They are equipped with strong AI to make the act all the more convincing; however, this usually leads to androids becoming self-aware and realizing consciousness. Androids are solely a post-war invention, with the Institute in the Commonwealth being the only known producer of androids.


Androids created by the Institute have no rights, are viewed as nothing more than machines and are often simply used as slaves.[1] Any android that attempts to escape is hunted down by the Synth Retention Bureau, a special branch of the Commonwealth Police, to be decommissioned or captured if possible.[2][3] The Railroad is a special network that works counter to the Synth Retention Bureau, arranging for escaped androids to receive plastic surgery and new memories.[4] Around 2277, a number of holotapes containing rumors of an escaped android circulated around technological, medical, slaver and sympathizer rings in the Capital Wasteland and caused quite a stir.[5][6][7] However, after the rumors had yet to reveal anything legitimate that could verify their authenticity, the once-curious wasteland denizens were quick to consider the whole thing a hoax.[8][9] Still, those from the Commonwealth know better.


According to Dr. Zimmer, androids produced by the Institute have synthetic skin and blood, and are programmed to simulate human behaviors, such as speaking and breathing and can even eat and digest food realistically.[10] However, these characteristics can be altered with the right know-how: the fake skin is so similar to human flesh that it can be altered by a skilled surgeon with a lipoplasticator; in addition, a seasoned computer scientist can actually delete the android previous memories using a circuit neuralizer and fabricate entirely new ones.[11][12]

Known androids

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Androids appear in Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

  • The concept of escaped androids that are hunted down by specially trained trackers appears to be an homage to the sci-fi classic Blade Runner. Author Philip K. Dick explored ideas of different types of conscious beings as equal with humanity, and the human reaction to these rival sentient beings.
  • The terms "synthetic humanoid" and "synth" are very similar to the androids of the "Alien" films and comics.


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    Zimmer: "Nonsense! This is a machine we're talking about. Can you enslave a generator, or a water purifier? Of course not. The same principle applies. But let's get back to your mission. You are to find this missing android. I've tracked him to somewhere here in the Capital Wasteland. He must have done something drastic, like facial surgery and a mind wipe, or else I would have found him by now. It will be no easy task. He may not even realize he's an android. Don't upset him by talking with him. Just come get me immediately. I'll handle it."
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    The Lone Wanderer: "Who the hell are you?"
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