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Anchorage War Memorial
Fo3 Anchorage Memorial.png
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The Anchorage War Memorial
Anchorage Memorial map.jpg
Map MarkerAnchorage Memorial
QuestsThe Wasteland Survival Guide
Cell NameAnchorageWMEast (Northwest entrance)
AnchorageWMExterior (topside)
AnchorageWM01 (facility office)
AnchorageWM02 (Northwest entrance interior)
AnchorageWM03 (service entrance)
AnchorageWMMid (facility bay)
ref id00000c82 (Northwest entrance)
00000c81 (topside)
00017f49 (facility office)
000508e6 (Northwest entrance interior)
00017f47 (service entrance)
00017f48 (facility bay)
TerminalsAnchorage War Memorial terminals:
Anchorage Memorial Facility Terminal
Anchorage Memorial Facility map.jpg
Map over the Anchorage Memorial Facility

All right boys, I'm going to make you famous. Get yourselves into a heroic pose. Okay. That's it. Just like that. Hold still. Excellent! The Capital Post thanks you! Who knows, maybe someone will turn this photo into a statue one day. All right, you boys try not to die out there, okay? God bless you, and God bless the U.S. of A!

American war correspondent

Anchorage War Memorial is a pre-War monument commemorating the Anchorage Reclamation of the then ongoing Sino-American War. Its construction incorporated an underground facility on Theodore Roosevelt Island. It is located in the Potomac River on the edge of the District of Columbia, and in the heart of the Capital Wasteland. This facility was once a thriving Mirelurk meat supplier until just before October 23rd, 2277.[1]


The Anchorage War Memorial was built on Theodore Roosevelt Island sitting in the middle of the Potomac River. The monument itself was based on a wartime photograph taken during the Anchorage Reclamation.[2] The massive stylized bronze statue commemorates the victory over the Chinese invaders and was one of the few monuments in the D.C. area that escaped the devastation of the Great War with practically no damage.

The monument was built over an expansive subterranean installation was likely designed as a fallout shelter, and included extensive accommodations, including kitchens, sleeping areas, storage bays, and so on and so forth. The facility has taken on a new life in the centuries following the war, as an enterprising group of wastelanders herded a mirelurk population into the lower levels of the facility, making a living off of their meat. It became quite the successful with traders and settlements.[3][4]

However, the booming mirelurk economy attracted the attention of a disreputable competitor. Said competing food supplier took note of the burgeoning operation and employed the services of a group of mercenaries to destroy the operation and regain their market share. He would infiltrate their operation as a fellow employee. As the mercenary saboteur disrupted their operation one of the founders of the business contacted a friend to whom he knew he could trust. Ted, a part-time hunter and full-time butcher. His friend entrusted him with secured and hidden away supplies, laying a trail for him to follow and lamenting how his greed was his undoing.[5][6] The final act of sabotage was releasing some of the mirelurks. They proceeded to decimate the unprepared populace, in the chaos both Ted and the mercenary would be killed. The facility now abandoned would become a known mirelurk nest, and attract the attention of Moira Brown wishing to place a surveillance device in their nest to study them.[3][4]


The Anchorage War Memorial consists of four interior sections:


The monument rests on a man-made island in the middle of the Potomac River. It is connected to the west bank of the river by a small bridge with several frag mines setup in the shape of a ribbon. There are four entrances into the facility: one on the north side of the monument which connects to the Facility, one on the south that connects to the service entrance, one to the south under water that connects to the office, and one right next to the monument on the west side at the end of a staircase.

To the north of Anchorage War Memorial is a super mutant camp against the border of the downtown D.C. area. There is a tent with a captive behind two large trucks, with several interconnected buildings that were destroyed during the Great War.

Anchorage Memorial facility

The living quarters and main work space for the wastelanders who ran the meat processing facility. The area consists of two floors with minor loot and custom weapon components strewn about. On the second floor there is a work bench against the south wall. There is one mirelurk that patrols this floor. On the first floor there is a safe with the door component in the west room, which appears to have served as a doctor's office. There is also a Nuka-Cola vending machine next to the stairwell on the north wall. The holotape access Codes can be found behind the vending machine and there are two exits which lead to the facility bay on both floors. Pre-War books can be found in the room on second floor.

Anchorage Memorial facility bay

This area serves as a hub that connects the other three areas together. It consists of four levels with supply crates and machinery. The second floor has exits which lead to the facility, office, and service entrance. The first floor has several mirelurk spawning pods and an exit to the Service Entrance. The third floor has an exit to the facility. Finally, the fourth floor exits to the Capital Wasteland. There are four mirelurks in this area along with a dead mercenary on the top floor with a note.

Memorial facility offices

A couple of offices with an entrance to a large underground space. There is a wall safe in the office next to the entrance of the area. There is a Nuka-Cola vending machine against the west wall, next to some lockers and bathrooms. There is a hole in the floor leading to a lower area that serves as the mirelurk breeding ground. There are a lot of mirelurk spawning pods strewn about. A mirelurk king will spawn here, even at lower levels. There are also two other mirelurks. There is an exit to the Capital Wasteland under the water at the far end of the breeding area.

Memorial service entrance

A small sewer area serving as a secondary breeding ground for the mirelurks. Also contains an entirely separate area that has what appears to be a dining facility for the workers, including a large kitchen with many refrigerators and a well-stocked bar. The area contains the utility room and a refrigerator with a secret compartment; both are initially inaccessible (except as noted below for the utility room).

The utility room is the last door on the right hand wall of the left branch, after entering the sewer area through the service entrance. (with around 3 mirelurks guarding it), which is accessible with the door component from the Facility and a repair skill of 35. If you don't have the door component, you can open it with a repair skill of 95.

The lowest level of the area is a smaller space with several dead mirelurks and mirelurk meat strewn about. There is a refrigerator that contains a secret compartment you can only access with a successful Perception check of 5. The player cannot pick the lock for this compartment; the stash key (found in the utility room mentioned above) is needed to unlock it.

A door to the Capital Wasteland can be found in the sewer area at the end of the left passage.

Notable loot


  • Pugilism Illustrated - on a bookshelf in the cargo trailer hitched to the yellow truck that forms the perimeter of the super mutant camp due north of the memorial.

Anchorage Memorial facility

Memorial service entrance

Related quests


  • In the Operation: Anchorage add-on, inside the training simulation, the player can view a scene where an American War Correspondent on the battlefield tells some soldiers to strike a "heroic" pose, and then takes a photo of them. The pose they strike is the same one as what the Anchorage Memorial statue depicts. He also states "Who knows? Maybe someone will turn this photo into a statue one day."
  • The statue's soldier with the flamer uses a model not seen in the game, similar to the WWII M2 Flamethrower, (the soldier in the simulation uses the normal flamethrower) and the soldier with the Fat Man has a missile launcher while the one in the middle has no change (in reference to the photo).
    • Sometimes the soldier holding the Fat Man in the picture will actually spawn with a missile launcher instead.
    • At times, the soldier with the Fat Man will immediately change into a missile launcher as soon as the American War Correspondent leaves.
  • The park space around the statue's large plinth is a random encounter location, where a variety of events may occur, including appearances of Regulators or Talon Company mercs.
  • On the bridge with all the mines it is possible for one mine to fall through the ground and seeming to be undefusable, though it will still blow up. Although the mine's underground, you can see the sensor blinking and thus disarming it (and picking, too).
  • In The Wasteland Survival Guide quest, if you come to the Anchorage War Memorial before you begin the part of the quest that involves this area, you can kill all the mirelurks, and when you start the quest, you can walk though the memorial, and place the observer with ease, and still complete the optional objective of not killing any of the mirelurks.


Anchorage War Memorial appears only in Fallout 3.



  1. The fire barrel inside the facility's cafeteria is still lit, the food on the counters are still edible, and the corpses of the populace have yet to extensively decay by the time the Lone Wanderer first enters the facility.
  2. The scene is played out in the Anchorage Reclamation simulation.
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