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For the historical event, see Anchorage Reclamation.
Anchorage Reclamation simulation
Anchorage Reclamation simulation loc.jpg
Part ofOutcast outpost
FactionsUnited States Armed Forces
People's Liberation Army
LeadersUSA Flag Pre-War.png General Constantine Chase
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg General Jingwei
QuestsAiding the Outcasts
The Guns of Anchorage
Paving the Way
Operation: Anchorage
Cell NameDLC02zCliffs01 (field storage)
DLC02zCliffs02 (field storage)
ref idxx00b4eb (field storage)
xx00b4ea (field storage)
TerminalsAmerican intelligence report
Anchorage terminals
Patterson's terminal
Anchorage Reclamation simulation map.jpg
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Gametitle-FO3 OA.png

Loading Anchorage, Alaska simulation. Mission: The Liberation of Anchorage Alaska from Communist Chinese forces. Safeties: Disengaged.

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The Anchorage Reclamation simulation is a virtual recreation of the famous Anchorage Reclamation created by Virtual Strategic Solutions, Inc. for the U.S. Army. It can be found and entered at the Outcast outpost in the old VSS Facility at Bailey's Crossroads.


General Constantine Chase commissioned Virtual Strategic Solutions, Inc. to develop a virtual training exercise simulation for soldiers to use in the future. The project was often bogged down by Chase, who wanted the simulation to be impossibly perfect. In addition, Chase vaguely complained that the simulation "didn't feel right."[1] The setting was designed to reflect the developments of the Anchorage Reclamation, but VR designers were convinced the simulation was, "without any shadow of a doubt, divorced from reality" and the engagement could not have legitimately happened as it was being portrayed.[2] The writer goes on to say that everyone was beginning to think Chase was going insane, but no one confronted him because they feared that the military would take over the project. At the very end, the writer questions why running the simulation was necessary anymore, since "any tactical data was mined months ago".

In particular, Vertibirds were present in the simulation in full operational capacity when in fact they wouldn't even reach prototype stage until much later. There is dubious that Chimeras appeared on the battlefield as shown in the simulation, since no other source material on the Reclamation makes any mention of it.



The simulation is divided into two sections: the artillery battery and and the main battlefield. The Chinese artillery battery is nestled in the icy cliffs of Anchorage, connected by precarious catwalks between crevasses and a network of mountain passages that serve as intelligence bunkers. These catwalks and underground networks lead to the artillery fixtures.

On the battlefield, the United States Armed Forces main base of operation, the U.S. Army field base, sits in the far west of the simulation. The Chinese controlled ice camp is east-northeast of the field base and further through the ice camp is the Chinese Chimera depot. South of the U.S. Army field base is the abandoned mining town which is now occupied by the Chinese. Beyond the mining town is the intelligence-gathering Chinese listening post. Directly east of the field base is a wide expanse of trenches, leading to the pulse control field. Across the field is the Chinese compound, the base of operation for the Chinese in Anchorage.


  • There are snowmen in some areas with American combat helmets and armor on. They also have American flags, and one snowman has a Chinese hat on. When it is attacked, blood spurts out. A Chinese flamer unit can be seen torching one of the American snowmen. The combat apparel worn by the snowmen are much larger than the player's.
  • It is possible to transfer some items like the Repellent Stick into the simulation because they are quest items and can't be removed.
  • If you use all of your leftover Psycho ration at the end of the simulation the benefits will carry over after the simulation so you will get the benefits of Psycho for a little over a game day without having to use any Psycho you have acquired in the Wasteland. Oddly enough, one can become addicted to Psycho within the simulation, and the effects of the addiction will continue outside the simulation.
  • A reference is made to the Anchorage Reclamation simulation during the mission Tranquility Lane. If you choose to exit the Tranquility Lane simulation via the abandoned house, you can get into the failsafe terminal and read a letter from General Constantine Chase to Doctor Stanislaus Braun regarding the Anchorage Reclamation simulation, followed by the town of Tranquility Lane being attacked by many Chinese commandos.
  • While in the simulation, if the player possesses the Cannibal perk, you will have the option to devour the corpses before they disappear.
  • Once you finish the simulation, it cannot be used again in the game. If you try to activate the simulation, it will just say "You must wear a neural interface suit to start the simulation", even if you are already wearing one.
  • If you have the PC Version, you can use tcl to walk through the fence near the Chinese occupied refinery that prevents you from going to Anchorage. The ground, the first three buildings, and the water tower are solid, but none of the other buildings are. You can also use tcl on the cannon ridge to also go to Anchorage, but only the ground and the two water towers are solid.
    • For some strange reason the water tower says "McLean".
    • Both Anchorage views differ being the artillery ridge and the Chinese occupied refinery as the artillery ridge one has two water towers while the Chinese Compound one has only one.


The Anchorage Reclamation simulation appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage.



  1. Outcast outpost terminal entry, August 15, 2077: "Entry 0527
    Sim version 7-36-081 was scrapped last week after Chase ran through it himself. Said it didn't "feel right." It was eventually determined he was referring to hardware issues, not anything to do with the software.
    Techs have been making modifications on the chair, but some ongoing issues remain problematic. Requests to administration to provide detailed schematics and hardware history have been neglected. Questions about the particular external interface requirements remain unanswered. Techs will attempt to compensate.
  2. Outcast outpost terminal entry, September 6, 2077: "Entry 0540
    Sim back up and running after another few days of changes. Chase is running everyone ragged, making tweaks here and there. The sim is, without any shadow of a doubt, divorced from reality. I've never seen the classified military reports, but some of the stuff Chase has added to the sim? There's no way it happened like that.
    Version 7-36-099 was scrapped after Chase decided his face didn't look just right. I realize progress reports aren't the place for this, but there are concerns that the man is losing it. No one confronts him because everyone is scared. After West-Tek dropped off the grid, there were lots of rumors about the military commandeering private contractors, and no one wants to give Chase a reason to do that here. But really, what's the point in running this sim over and over and over? Any tactical data was mined months ago."